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cavediverjc 07-13-2007 10:42 AM

Who's running 10" rims instead of 8"?
Seems that alot of people are running 8's instead of 10's with their 33's. Is there any off-road advantage to this? I personally like the look of a fatter tire that the 10's give. Plus, with the off-roading out here in the Mojave Desert, a bigger footprint is very advantageous. Just wanted to ask. If anyone is running 10's with their 33's post up some pics.
Thanks!! :)

Chad P 07-13-2007 11:06 AM

I am running my stock 8" rims for two reasons, I like the look of factory wheels (alloy), after market wheels have a differnent offset. 10" wide will make the tires rub when its all twisted dependeing on your lift.

Are you running a 4" or 6" lift

acopsy88 07-13-2007 11:42 AM

I have 33 11.5 x16x8 they run fine not as fat though. I have called 4wd magazine and they reccomended 8 i called tire place and they said 10 inch rims. basically they said the 8 inch rim would do better off road and you would get more wear with a ten inch rim because it stretches your tires out.

debruins 07-13-2007 11:56 AM

with an 8 in. rim you will have more surface area touching the ground when you ari dow becasue there is more sidewall alrady kind of,

u understand what im sayin?

FTNuke 07-13-2007 01:08 PM

I just switched my wheel and tire setup last week. I was running 8 in rims with 33in ATs and I swapped that out for 10in rims with 33in MTs. I didn't realize there were performance implications involved in the size change, the only difference I've nocticed so far is that with my previous setup my tires did not extend past my flares (Bushwacker pocket flares) but the new tires are out about 2in or so.

Steelman 07-13-2007 01:17 PM

I run an 8" black steelies with my 33X12.50's. I'm told (and have experienced) that this will help in holding a bead when aired down. I usually air down to 7-8 PSI when offroading, and have yet to lose a bead will toying in the rocks. :)

2much 07-13-2007 02:35 PM

Here are some pics of my 33x12.50's on 16x10 rims.

I know most ppl. say that 10" is not good for off road, and that 15" is better than 16" but I love the way they look, and as you can see in the last pic they stick out about 2" past my 6" bushwackers. 8" will hold a bead better aired down, but I never air down off road so it's a non issue. Hope the pics help.

shaggy105 07-13-2007 03:53 PM

Hey 2much, how do you like those MTZ's? They look pretty sweet... I have MTX's now, but may get MTZ's next...

2much 07-13-2007 04:56 PM

I like the mtz's pretty good, to be honest though I bought them more because I like the looks rather than actually needing a m/t. The road manners aren't great (compared to an a/t), but I just liked the way they looked too much to think practically, lol. When you do get ready for new tires, I would strongly recomend looking at the atz's or bfg a/t's, they would be more aggresive then the mtx's, but have better road manners then the mtz's. Just some food for thought.

Jerry Bransford 07-14-2007 12:31 AM

8" wide wheels make it far easier for an aired down tire to remain securely seated than on a 10" wide wheel. It takes less air pressure to keep a balloon securely seated between two surfaces 8" apart than it does if they are 10" apart. :)

4Jeepn 07-14-2007 02:36 AM

I run 10" rims with my 35x12.50's. No issue's at low pressure, no issue with busting a bead.

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