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aharshbarger 05-23-2011 10:07 PM

Help or tips removing Power Steering Pressure Switch
I'm new to the forum so please forgive me if this question is out there somewhere. I tried searching for it but no luck. I have a 1997 TJ that the check engine light came on today on my drive home. Stopped in at Advance and had them read the codes. It came back as a bad Power Steering Pressure Switch. I read the symptoms of what happens when this goes out and it is exactly what is happening to mine. I can remove the nut of the old one, but the other side where the electrical part plugs in will not come loose. I see that is has a plastic hinge that needs pushed down and i of course push that in and pull. Tried pliers pulling on it gently to get a better grip too. It just WILL NOT budge. It's 14 years old so it's probably stuck on there pretty good. Do you guys have any tips of getting that side of the switch to release from that damn clip? Thanks for your help!! I'm really enjoying my new Jeep, I'm just nervous of stalling when I'm turning into places. Thanks again,

CptTrips 02-22-2014 03:02 PM

Searched the forum, this is the only thread I found on this particular issue. I too am trying to replace my power steering pressure switch on my 2001 2.5L TJ but it's stuck really well and putting any amount of pressure wants to bend the whole assembly. Even with another wrench I can't hold the whole thing in place and I don't want to break any of the lines. Is it safe to use PB Blaster on this?

CptTrips 02-22-2014 04:40 PM

I ended up using PB Blaster and was able to finally get it off. I'll post here again if I have any other problems with it. Otherwise, this simple replacement fixed it!

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