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PORKY-JK 05-24-2011 01:56 AM

question for spider lovers
Just trapped a spider that I thought was a daddy long legs. But this one has thicker head and abdomen dots on it. I would take a picture but think I'll let it die first

PORKY-JK 05-24-2011 02:34 AM

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sorry couldnt zoom any more to get the markings perfect.:banghead:

darkproximity 05-24-2011 03:23 AM

It looks like it could possibly be a brown recluse, if thats the case kill it.. its very poisonous.


After doing more research, i am 99.99% certain its a brown recluse.. and should die a horrible death lol

popstop785 05-24-2011 04:03 AM

If that is a brown recluse... I am going to agree, KILL THAT MOTHER !@#$er!!!!
Then get some pest control to spray wherever you found it ASAP! YOu do NOT want more of those sum bishes around. :/

jeepers29 05-24-2011 04:56 AM

Does the marking on the back resemble an hour glass? If so, it's a brown recluse. Definantly spray where it was found. you no want these as pets!

kpdiver 05-24-2011 05:25 AM

Yep I agree...Brown Recluse. Fog the entire area.
Is it about the size of a quarter legs included?

homebrwd 05-24-2011 12:12 PM

No violin shape on its head pointing towards the abdomen, also its adbomen isnt uniformilly colored, not a brown recluse. Also they are venomous, not poisonous.

topher38 05-24-2011 12:20 PM


Originally Posted by jeepers29 (Post 1258371)
Does the marking on the back resemble an hour glass? If so, it's a brown recluse. Definantly spray where it was found. you no want these as pets!

bro the spider with the hour glass is defiantly a black widow

jcf 05-24-2011 12:23 PM

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It's a brown widow

XV_ 05-24-2011 12:28 PM

^ :rofl: good one

homebrwd 05-24-2011 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by XV_ (Post 1259005)
^ :rofl: good one

He isnt joking, its an actual spider species.

Head isnt dark enough to be a brown widow though.

PTaylor 05-24-2011 12:32 PM

It almost looks like a BR, but their are a couple of spiders that resemble it. where did you find it? Inside your house or outside? Night or day? was it fast or slow? web?

BR are mostly nocturnal. they like to hide during the day. Only problem with that is they like to hide in clothes, shoes, towels....stuff we use everyday.

They do not build webs, they are hunters and hunt at night.

A BR has a violin looking symbol on it, kinda hard to make out but if you study some pictures, you might get an idea.

Kill it. If you found it inside, get some glue traps and put them out. some poisons don't work on these. Keeping it jarred up waiting to die won't work. I've literally caught a spider in a mason jar, sealed it up and left it in a metal building in the middle of summer where the average temperature reached 120 to 130 F for over a month, and the spider was still alive!

They are common in my area, but are rarely seen.

PORKY-JK 05-24-2011 12:33 PM

No violin marking has brown markings and if u look really close looks like black spots

PORKY-JK 05-24-2011 12:34 PM

Found it at night on the ceiling

jcf 05-24-2011 12:35 PM

Well I think the Brown Widows change there appearence over time with age. The one the OP posted could be a young one or an older one.
Creepy PORKY, I hate spiders

XV_ 05-24-2011 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by GrmnCrsNBr (Post 1259006)
He isnt joking, its an actual spider species.

Head isnt dark enough to be a brown widow though.

lol had no idea, found it hilarious

kill it!

PORKY-JK 05-24-2011 12:47 PM

Yea goong crazy looking online. Gona ask my cousin she's a sience teacher. Maybe she has better resources

Cons_Table 05-24-2011 01:19 PM

Its hard to say :confused: it looks kind of like a brown recluse, but doesnt at the same time. I would definitely consider getting sprayed whether it is or not...cuz if it is, and someone gets are gonna be dealing with a knarly wound.

PORKY-JK 05-24-2011 01:44 PM

Yea. That's what I was telling my mom m dad. I want a profesinial to look at it. Maybe I can take it to a pest control place

Jp90Talon 05-24-2011 01:57 PM

PORKY-JK 05-24-2011 02:23 PM

Wow lol. U can shoot that thing with a .40 lol

Peepers 05-24-2011 02:29 PM

XV_ 05-24-2011 02:33 PM

8 legged freaks!

topher38 05-24-2011 03:08 PM

i hate sun spiders they look like baby scorpions.

danieldlg_13 05-24-2011 04:49 PM

It looks like this: Backyard gardener spider (Hobo spider)
backyard gardener spider - Bing Images

danieldlg_13 05-24-2011 04:53 PM

On second thought... it isn't. The hind legs on the Hobo spider are longer than the front. Looks like it may be a Brown Recluse. The front legs will be longer than the hind legs.

jcf 05-24-2011 05:04 PM


Originally Posted by Jp90Talon (Post 1259189)

I used to get them suckers on my walls all the time especially if we had big eucalyptus trees, which I did have, they live in the bark.They usually travel in pairs so if there's one behind something hanging on the wall-there will be a second one somewhere. Hate hate hate them!
Give me a snake any day. Had one of the Huntsman drop on my foot once when I was driving, almost crashed

InfernoGirl 05-24-2011 05:13 PM

Not a brown recluse. Cavey knows his spiders. This is a brown recluse....

shewoolf 05-24-2011 05:32 PM

WHY OH WHY did I open this thread! I knew better but I did it any way!
:doh: I'm going to go hide now until the fear goes away :hide:

Jp90Talon 05-24-2011 05:37 PM

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