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jslayton2 05-29-2011 11:53 PM

Rear axle idiot with questions
OK, I have a 94 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L and I am going to do a SOA lift. Before I weld the rear axle, I thought that I would upgrade it to a 90 XJ Dana 44 posi rear end. Issue is that I will want to upgrade to 4.88 gear. I know that I can learn the mechanics of changing the gear ratio, but am an idiot when it comes to rear ends. Anyone out there want to explain if there are any issues they see with my plan. How does changing the gear ratio effect the posi? Or does it? Are there any major issues with having a posi rear end. What is the difference between lockers and posi? And if anyone wants to explain what the difference between the gears that effect the ratio and the ones for posi please let me know. And yes, eventually I will change out the motor to a 4.0, but 1st things first. Thanks for the help. I am sure that other idiots will learn from this as well.

RockinWrangler77 05-30-2011 12:49 AM

sounds like a dam good idea i want to put a 44 under mine i have a dana 35 with 3.07s im looking to re gear but i had a mini spool in it and im on my 4th set of gears and 1 new axle. a posi is super nice to have its a locker without the wear and hassle of a regular locker i know that kinda sounds funny but a posi in a dana 44 is a good set up the gear ratio shouldn't affect it any. a posi is also quiet and its there when you need it

4Jeepn 05-30-2011 07:11 AM

I will guess the posi in the d44 you are talking about it the factory trac-lock, depending on the miles on the axle, at this point it may not be much better than an open diff. Even when new they were not much better than an open diff.

A locker will lock both axle shafts together when power is applied to the diff. A spool or mimi spool locks them 100% of the time with or with out power, sort of like a welded diff. The posi or trac-lock usually have a clutch pack in them that helps to send some of the power to the axles when it "feels" a tire slipping. by no means is it a true locker.

For gears, if you don't have the correct tools to install them or get help from some one who has them and has setup gears before I would not do it yourself. It can turn out to be an expensive mistake. Also don't forget both front and rear axles have to have the same gear ratio. s

yj93ben 05-30-2011 10:06 AM

spring perches
On the XJ (Cherokee) the perches are SOA and a little further apart than the YJ (Wrangler). You will have to move the perches in a little.

Like 4Jeepn said "posi", trac-lock or limited slip differentials aren't much better the open ones. Check into switchable lockers like, Ox Locker, Eaton Elocker or my fav the ARBs.

you're spending that kind of money, don't stop at just the gear ratio.

I caution you have someone with the tools and the knowedge set-up your gears. It's not really complicated, but if it's not done right you'll lose a set of gears and possibly a locker

I took mine to Randy's Ring & Pinion to install 4.56:1 gears and ARB. Damn glad I did.


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