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BrooksWV 05-30-2011 03:57 AM

Jeep hesitation/missing
I was driving in town today. Coming down a steep hill maybe 10/15 MPH shifted to 2nd to help slow it down before the bottom. Normal driving condition. Jeep died. Only noticed because steering stopped working. Went to start it and it all most would not start. Started missing on start and making lots of bad sounds (metel clicking/breaking sounds). Those only lasted 10/15 sec. Couldn't pull over so continued to drive. Still missing but running better. Got it home, almost seemed like it stopped missing. Drove to advance because Check engine light was on and was missing here and there. Test said engine cylinder miss fire (Well No $hit) on the way home light was flashing and jeep was missing really bad. I kind of know my away around Jeeps and this feels like a bad, bad thing? Any clues what it might be?

BrooksWV 05-30-2011 04:02 AM

PS: I feel this was all caused because of that down shift to slow down on that hill. Never had any problems out of it before this. 2003 sport, 120k miles. All fluilds and plugs changed at 100k... Ran great until today. Starts fine now just misses non stop while running. Pretty sure it's making a metel on metel noise. Could just be because it's missing. Don't know if something is broke in there? I know all the little things to change to fix this... Plugs, coil pack, ect. Looking for worst case here? Engine rebuild or what? What is the most expensive thing that it REALLY might be? I'm not even close to rich and need my daily drive. No backup.

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