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Sayaan 05-30-2011 07:23 PM

1992 Wrangler trouble starting
Okay so i have a 92 wrangler and recently it stopped starting

the car cranks over but wont start.

So heres what i have done so far for diagnostics.

- the fuel pump wasnt spooling when i put the key in the on position, so i jumped the relay (literally used a paper clip to bypass the relay and turn on the pump), and i heard the pump turn on and the fuel flow. So i replaced the fuel pump relay thinking it went bad.

- after i replaced the fuel pump relay( in the fuse box near battery) the car still didnt start, it did the same thing, it cranks but doesn't fire up. i was seriously baffled

- i then thought it was maybe fuel pressure at the rail, maybe the fuel pump isnt generating enough pressure, thus the jeep not starting. Got a fuel pressure gauge, attached it to the schrader valve(the little valve on the fuel rail) and tested the fuel pressure. I got around 40psi when cranking the car, and again no pressure when i turn the key to the "on" position. I then tried to bypass the relay again, and check pressure, i measured 34-36psi

Then i was told to disable the security on my car, as i mentioned that the night my car refused to stop, i locked the doors and in the morning, only opened the passenger side door and hopped into the drivers seat( thus not disabling the alarm or something). well after i locked both doors and then unlocked them both...the car cranks over....

So when i start the car it struggles to idle, the RPMs are really low like just a tick above 0. It sounds like one of the cylinders isnt firing, as the car shakes as it struggles to idle.

Now i am thinking that maybe the rotor is broken, and there isnt spark going to all of the cylinders. And yes there maybe some spelling mistakes as i wrote this relatively quickly on my way out to autozone, but any ideas would be appreciated. I will try to post a video of what the engine looks and sounds like when i turn it on now

jerry3360 06-07-2011 11:52 PM

if its a grand cherokee go to the tail gate lock and then unlock it theres an alram switch in the hatch for a back up. may people dont know this

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