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psycho 06-03-2011 08:50 PM

somebody school me on front adj. trackbar
heres the G2 D44's are being delivered next week and i got to thinking that i might need a adj. trackbar since i dont want to drill into my new D44 like i did my D30 after i lifted it. ive noticed a bit of a wide range in prices. heres the one i went with

Jeep TJ/ XJ Adjustable Trac Bar -- Fat Bob's Garage Online Store

the price was right and im sure ya get what ya pay what do ya think?

UnlimitedLJ04 06-03-2011 11:01 PM

very bad choice, IMO.

first problem is the end is a 22mm tie-rod end. Not strong enough to be used in a front track bar application.

second problem is the straight bar is straight across the front face of the diff cover and will require over 2.5" of front bumpstop to prevent hitting a stock diff cover. If you've got an aftermarket G2/Rockcrusher/Solid style diff cover on the front that will be even worse, and will require upwards of 3" of front bumpstop extension.

here's what happens when the weak straight tie-rod end'ed track bar hits the diff cover:

when this happens on the a speed bump, on a dip in the highway, etc - you loose all steering and control of the front end.

third problem is the axle end is straight at the bushing. It needs a bend to prevent bending at the axle side mount under droop. Notice Currie and JKS track bars both utilize a bend at the axle side to prevent binding on the bracket at droop.

fourth problem is the axle end bushing is poly. The stock style two-piece Clevite bushing is about the most durable and strongest bushing you can get. Thats why Currie and JKS use them.

here's more reading and examples:

Had you asked for advice, I would have suggested a Currie TJS or TJJ model track bar. Those Currie track bars require the least amount of bumpstop extension in front - 2". That just so happens to coincide perfectly with most 4" lift kits that use 15.5" collapsed length shocks.

psycho 06-04-2011 07:40 AM

WOW^^^ better cancel that order!

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