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jecaper 07-19-2007 08:46 AM

New Front Bumper
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I Fabricated a custom front Bumper from a 48" long piece of 10x3x3/8" Steel Channel and 1/4" bent plate for the winch mount/ anchor.

It is extremely stout but is not much heavier than the rock crusher bumpers some of my buddies have. I was a little worried about the weight, but the strength made me less apprehensive.

I was able to attach it to the bumper at 4 places so it is extremely solid and I have no fears using it to winch or pull people from the mud.

Let me know what you think.

dwdrums801 07-19-2007 08:51 AM

its HUGE!

Vector6 07-19-2007 10:27 AM

looks heavy....

dwdrums801 07-19-2007 10:38 AM

paint those flares! haha

Redrubicon2004 07-19-2007 11:17 AM

Sorry, cant say I would put it on my heep, and the shackle points dont look very safe IMO

Texapple 07-19-2007 11:22 AM

cudos to you for getting out there and fabbing something for your Jeep ;)

debruins 07-19-2007 01:33 PM

looks beefy

jecaper 07-19-2007 02:06 PM

I was a little worried about the possible weight, but it is less than 90 Lbs. I cut as much out as possible without sacrificing structure.

dwdrums801 07-19-2007 02:40 PM

the whole thingand the winch is 90 Lbs?!!?

debruins 07-19-2007 07:55 PM

im guessing without the winch

GrnTJ 07-19-2007 09:38 PM

Its a bit wide compared to what Im going to build but I do like it. I can deff. say that Im sure its gonna hold well. You did a nice job of fabin it up though, its pretty clean.

lost 07-19-2007 09:39 PM


GrnTJ 07-19-2007 09:43 PM

^^^:eek: ^^^
That is big, lol.

Scout 07-19-2007 09:52 PM

Looks good and kudos for getting out there and doing your own fab work.

I would like to know a little more about those shackle mounts though. If you really plan on using those as a recovery point then it needs to be the strongest point of the bumper. From the pictures it appers that the shackle is basically being held to the bumper by a strip of metal and the ends of the shackle bolt. I would think that you might have some interferance issues with the bolt swiveling up and down under load.

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