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cwing311 06-08-2011 03:49 PM

1990 Wrangler will not crank-no electronics
A while back I was driving my jeep and the radio quit playing and the lights began to dim and the car slowly died like the alternator went out. I had the car towed home, tested the battery and it showed to be bad. I bought a new battery , installed it and still nothing. I took the alernator and had it tested and it came back ok. I replaced the battery cables too. I do not get anything. The accesories do not even work(interior lights, radio, etc). The headlights will come on, but that is it. Any ideas?

Captainrichhill 06-09-2011 07:23 AM

Headlights are wired direct to the battery so to speak. It's a safety feature so if all else fails then you can see or be seen on the road if there is an electrical issue. I would look at the grounding points. It seems that anything that is fused is out. Start at the fuse boxes and trace the ground wires.
Just an idea.

kik 06-09-2011 10:27 AM

In your case it seems like you have a bad ground issue. Unfortunately you're going to have to trace the main grounds and go from there like the Captain said.

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