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Csechols38 06-08-2011 06:11 PM

tranny noise WTF
My tranny makes this annoying noise. its a 95 yj manual tranny, i bought it from a guy who had just got a clutch put it it with new throw out and pilot bearing, with the receipt. when my tranny is in nuetral thiers a weird noise that i cant even explain its not like a tapping or anything its a whirling or kinda like a whineing noise. but when i push the clutch in it stops immediately. i have been driving it like this for the past 4 months now. it hasn't got louder or anything. jeep shifts awesome just the noise pisses me off, im wondering if its because my tranny is leaking fluid from the bell housing( most likely input shaft seal???) maybe its getting some on the throwout bearing which is making the noise. it only leeks one or two drops of gear oil when i park it, very small puddle???

kj 92yj 06-08-2011 08:13 PM

i think i know of the noise you're describing and it lasted on mine for about 3 months before my throw out bearing crapped out. yes, i know you stated you know you have a new one, but there is a chance it could be bad? before going this route tho, i'd check your clutch fluid and tranny fluid for fullness. Add if needed and then see if it makes any noise. clutch fluid easy to check, tranny fluid, take out the top plug and stick your pinky in there to see how close the fluid is to the top. fill as needed until it starts to drip out. then you know you're full.

Csechols38 06-19-2011 01:25 PM

both fluids are fine... although my tranny is leaking from the input shaft seal and leeks out the bell housing so i have to fill it up once a month . it leeks about half a quart a month. my first though was the throwout bearing was getting gear fluid on it and thats why it was making the noise because its not always their.. sometimes its loud and sometimes i can barely hear it. its really weird.

zero_chance 06-20-2011 01:56 PM

Definitely sounds like the throw out bearing is junk. I've gotten bad ones right out of the box. If he bought a cheap clutch kit that includes one, thats the likely culprit. Pull the tranny and I guarantee that thing is gonna be rough when you turn it.

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