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rpblanchette87 06-08-2011 08:17 PM

Trans Whining after service
Ok, so I did my first trans fluid change (not a flush) on my new (to me) 01 TJ with a 32rh trans (i believe). After reading through many topics on here and JF, the general consensus was not to do a full flush on a trans with 110k on it which had most likely never been serviced, because it could dislodge some gunk or buildup and cause the trans to fail? So I dropped the pan and cleaned off the magnet which had a metalic sludge on it, but no big chunks of anything. the fluid that came out was a DARK brown. replaced the filter, cleaned the pan, and put in ATF+4 as recommended. I also put in a bottle of that Lucas trans crap as suggested by many. Should I have not mixed the AFT+4 with the old stock fluid? Should I do a full flush and then fill it with ATF+4? any recommendations?

its not a consant whining, just a dull whine I can mostly only hear when sitting still, but definitely wasnt there before.
Also, i DID slightly overfill the fluid, just about 1/4 inch above the Max line on the dipstick, could that cause an issue?

thanks in advance for any input, still new to working on my own vehicles. :)

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