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Whtshdw 07-22-2007 03:38 AM

0630 head swap for 0331
Hey guys new to the site, want to say Hello, I need some help, have a 2000 tj with a cracked head, ordered a head off of ebay that was supposed to be a 2004 head but received a 0630 head, everything looks like it will swap, it has no bosses for coil packs, no big deal, what I'm worried about is the water ports on the head I received, do I need to plug them to make it like the tj head or will the head gasket take care of that, the numbers on the head are NH3, 0630, 99, 022. Anybody have any idea what head this is, what it came off off? Fixing to have surgery on shoulder in two weeks, need to get this thing back together, any help would be appreciated. Dan.

AzTJ 07-22-2007 03:14 PM

I'd get a hold of the guy and ask WTF is up with sending the wrong head... btw, a 630 came off a 97-98 TJ or 96-98 Cherokee.

You NEED the 00+ head for everything to work. Get a hold of the seller and get it figured out.

defensesix 02-10-2010 10:38 AM

the correct casting number for the head on your jeep is 0331. it is the same from 2002 back to 1996 i believe. you can try a heavier reinforced head from Alabama Cylinder Head co. they have a website it cost 525.00 delivered to your door step. 0331 cast or "oem" heads can be bought anywhere at any parts stores or Nappa. but good luck they all seem to crack in time. The head you have off e-bay is not the right head..Sorry

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