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billyweiland 07-22-2007 01:58 PM

so my fame has a rust hole along the back near the front of where the leaf springs connect. would it be better to fix that with the frame restoration kit that you can get online, or should i just replace the whole frame? and if so where would be the best place to find a new frame?

debruins 07-22-2007 03:36 PM

well do you have the body off of the frame, are there other thin spots, do you want ot do a frame off resto, are you gonna go heavy duty off roading or over 40mph, will it just be in some parades,

personally i would go to a junkyard and get another jeep of the same year and make sure it has a solid frame, then use it as a parts jeep and when your done sell off the rest of the parts, or sell it for scrap

now if you just want to fix it and be done with it i would box in the whole frame and just lay a 2 ft long section over the whole, of course assuming you can weld

Badge1236 07-23-2007 08:16 AM

IMHO I would pick up a mid 90's YJ frame. It is a little wider so you might have to change axles as well. Other than that the major difference is the location of the back three body mounts. Those can be adjusted either on the frame or on the body. It is actually easier to on the frame if you know how to weld or know someone who does.

The pro's:
Newer frame
Heavier mettle from what I can see
Better rust proofing
More solid that welding in patches

The con's:
Need to move motor mounts
More work than just welding in patches

This is something I had to think a long time about. I finally did make the decision of getting a YJ frame. Mine is from a '91. I am in the slow process of reassembling everything now.

What I have been told before and have tried to follow is decide what you want to use it for and build for that. If it is going to be something that sees minimal use and few if any trails patch it. Other wise I would say that a replacement frame would be the way to go.

debruins 07-23-2007 09:22 PM

you can also get an exact replacement from i believ for around 2K, and then you wouldnt have to look for new axles or anything, but if your gonna strip it down to the frame you might as well beef the stuff up

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