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Dare2BSquare 07-23-2007 08:53 PM

Finally Help for 4 Bangers?
Thought you guys might enjoy this article. It's a little lengthy but interesting.


The initial Electrocharger technology was licensed from Texas A&M University and has been expanded through several acquisitions of intellectual property as well as the creation of the company's own intellectual property. This company specializes in advanced motor drive systems for the Automotive industry. Their motor drive products are on the leading edge of automotive technology and combine Mechanical, Electrical and Materials Engineering together for the first time in order to create the world's smallest, lightest and most powerful traction motors for existing or future automotive applications. Thinking outside of the box is childsplay! Go beyond Non-Linear Thinking.

The ELECTROCHARGER is the most significant advancement in automotive performance in the past 100 years. It is the world's first retro-fittable hybrid electric system and is the newest technology in engine performance adders such as Turbochargers, Superchargers and Nitrous Oxide systems and can be utilized in conjunction with these conventional power adders as well.

The ELECTROCHARGER is a power adder that takes the place of your alternator and runs in parallel with the engine and all of it's modifications and increases the initial acceleration rate of your vehicle from idle, which provides faster acceleration and power right off the line.

Ongoing analysis has shown that, depending on vehicle and modifications, you can substantially improve fuel economy in city driving, reduce emissions and decrease your 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. Actual dynamometer results for select vehicles will be posted this summer on this website.

The ELECTROCHARGER is powered by a Super Capacitor Battery Pack (SCBP) that is located in the trunk of the vehicle which provides juice to the motor instantly on demand. When not adding power to the engines crankshaft, the ELECTROCHARGER switches to generator mode, thereby maintaining the SCBP at it's full State of Charge (SOC) and providing power for the vehicle electrical system. If the SCBP should become depleted, then under normal driving conditions, the SCBP can be charged back up in as little as 8 minutes, but this is unlikely due to regenerative braking. An optional stand-alone charger is available if your into drag racing and need a faster charging time without cruising around.

The Electrocharger allows you to take a tax Deduction on the purchase of the Electrocharger and combined with the savings you will see in fuel economy, the Electrocharger pays for itself in a very short time. Installing the ElectrochargerTM on your vehicle does not void your vehicle warranty coverage either.

The Electrochargerâ„¢ Increases Your Initial Rate of Acceleration!

The first product the company is introducing is the ElectrochargerTM, which is the world’s first retro-fittable hybrid electric drive system. The ElectrochargerTM can be fitted to almost any modern car or truck and in turn increases fuel economy and performance, while reducing emissions. The ElectrochargerTM is called a power adder and is grouped in the aftermarket along with superchargers and turbochargers. The ElectrochargerTM costs less than forced induction systems, such as superchargers or turbochargers, and is quickly installed without any internal modifications to the engine. The ElectrochargerTM can even be installed in conjunction with a turbocharger or supercharger in order to assist in providing the maximum performance for the vehicle.

The ElectrochargerTM replaces the vehicle’s alternator and battery charging system and gets most of its energy during vehicle braking, while additional energy comes from the engine while the vehicle is at cruising speed. The ElectrochargerTM functions as an alternator at all times, when it is not used as a motor, to provide acceleration assistance to the engine. Power for the vehicle electrical system is provided by a DC/DC converter that can output power for the current 12 volt or forthcoming 42 volt systems.

The ElectrochargerTM system is comprised of a rugged high speed computer-controlled electric motor that is mounted to the vehicle’s engine with a purpose built aluminum bracket. Power and torque from the electric motor is transferred to the engines’ crankshaft via a specialized toothed drive belt that transfers the torque from the electric motor through a vehicle specific sprocket ratio.

The on-board energy for the ElectrochargerTM comes from the Super Capacitor Battery Pack (SCBP) that provides up to 600 amps at 48 volts to the electric motor for acceleration durations. The SCBP is contained in a sealed module that has color coded connectors to ensure proper connectivity. The SCBP is able to withstand the substantial in-rush of current during regenerative braking, maintain the standard vehicle battery state of charge and prolong the life cycle of the SCBP energy storage batteries.

The Motor Control Unit (MCU) is a separate module that controls the electric motor, provides vehicle electrical system voltage and monitors the engine load in order to coordinate electric motor power addition to the engine. The MCU is user programmable in order for software updates to be installed and to enable the ElectrochargerTM system to be customized and tweaked by the consumer who is more sophisticated in vehicle performance tuning. The MCU is connected to the SCBP and electric motor via color coded connectors to ensure proper connectivity.

George T. 07-23-2007 09:22 PM

summary anyone?:(

Dare2BSquare 07-23-2007 09:37 PM


Originally Posted by George T. (Post 107975)
summary anyone?:(

Well, it's sort of a "bolt on" hybrid.

AzTJ 07-23-2007 09:45 PM

Your talking about a leaf blower right?

JeepCrawler98 07-23-2007 09:52 PM

No it's a bolt on hybrid - just like the SUVs or cars out there... except slightly different (ok that's a contradiction, but whatever)

You drive normal - capacitors (high speed batteries basically) charge up. You put the hammer down, capacitors drain into an electric motor attached to the drivetrain/powertrain, providing a secondary boost of power to the existing engine.

Basically when you floor it you have two motors pushing.

AzTJ 07-23-2007 10:34 PM

After reading it understood - I thought it was one of those gimick electric blower things I've seen people advertise... but this is interesting.

Texapple 07-24-2007 12:15 AM

leave it to those Aggies :eek:

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