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lono100 06-18-2011 06:47 PM

hi everyone, jeep newbie here needing more info to make our first jeep purchase!
hey all, im new to jeeps, i dont have one yet, but my gf i and are interested in buying one and joining the jeep family. we were interested in buying a 2007 wrangler sahara unlimited and we wanted to know what are things to look out for, if/what are any recalls or problems with these particular jeeps, and if anyone had any tips on making sure we get the best jeep for our money. any and all suggestions and advice would be totally welcome and i hope we get our jeep soon so that we can participate in the forum.

redirysae 06-18-2011 07:17 PM

My advice to you is read all you can on this forum before purchasing your Jeep.Ask people in your area who own a Jeep what they think of it.What works,what they don't like,etc.Do your homework before you buy.Know what the vehicle's book value is,service history and any other related info. Know the features you want,the price you want to pay,and stick with it! Good Luck!

DetonatorCanuk 06-18-2011 08:14 PM

We were this close " " to buying the 2007 first year for the Unlimited but were put off by the attitude of the selling dealer. Fast forward to 2011 and we bought the '11 Sahara based mostly on colour (Detonator Yellow) and the "feeling" this version gave to us. The decision was emotional and was backed up by the cheap financing which should make any buying decision easy. The newer ('11) models drive very nicely and all likelihood, compare to the '07 first year. I might suggest you look at the deals being offered for the last of the '11 and decided whether the upgrade to the Penta motor is worth the quick decision. We drove the Grand Cherokee and were indecisive but chose the '11 for the "cool" factor over the gas savings with the newer motor that is available with the '12 Wrangler. All tough choices but the financing (3% in Canada) is the big deal IMO.

lono100 06-18-2011 08:43 PM

well, ive already looked up comparables for that year, got some great info on specs and things like that, what i was looking for was personal experience from owners. i dont know anyone who owns one, and i dont have any neighbors that have one either. are they any features or things that i should be sure to get? what does "trail rated" mean? any infamous problems that may pop up with these particular models? anybody have any nightmare problems with them? and of course, what are the really cool things about these rides? we are looking for a vehicle that will get us up and down the sierra mountains, and through all the rugged terrains of california. something that can haul our camping gear, snowboards and mountain bikes. we already own a ford sport trac and i love that thing, but the jeep we plan on getting is primarily for my gf. thansk for all the replies.

redirysae 06-18-2011 09:12 PM

Well,this is my first Jeep and I am absolutely satisfied with it! At the dealership I checked out a vast inventory of Wranglers. I can tell you this,when I took the Wrangler for a test drive I was sold on it solely by the "feel" and the handling of the vehicle.Everything else about it confirmed this was the ride for me! I wanted a vehicle that was fun to drive,sporty,and 4 wheel drive.The Wrangler gave me this and much more.I have not had any problems with it so far,other then a recall that has recently been announced.I chose my color from three models with the same features without giving up anything I wanted.It's all about knowing what you want out of the vehicle as far as what type of driving you will be using it for and how many passengers will be in it. I chose the 2 door because I am single. Also consider whether it's offroad,or driving to work,or recreational driving,etc. too.I bought mine solely for driving to work on the sometimes snowy and slick backroads that I live on here in Kentucky.If you think you might like driving with the top down,the wind blowing your hair,and the sun bearing down on you.Then you might be Jeep Wrangler material! The Jeep owners on this forum are real people with real concerns,problems,praises,and solutions.We share our two cents worth here for the benefit of all.Hope this helps. Easyrider

shell 06-18-2011 09:25 PM

Well, when I was looking for my Jeep (pre-owned) I was looking at both the two door & unlimited versions. If you're going the unlimited route & want to go offroad make sure it's 4WD. I've run across some that were only 2WD. I wondered why they were so cheap, then I saw no trail rated badge & no 4WD shifter.

lono100 06-19-2011 11:49 AM

we definitely are going to make sure we get a 4WD, and we live in sunny california, the weather is always beautiful if its not raining so a big reason we want a jeep is the ability to take the roof and doors off in the summer. we also live just a 2 hour drive from the snow and mountains so we'd also like to make sure its off-road and mountain ready. another question i have is how do jeeps do with dog owners? we own a big happy dog that goes with us pretty much everywhere. he usually rides leashed in the bed of my truck, so how will he do in the back of a jeep? we test drove a two door but then got our hands on a four door and we think it should be enough room for us, him and our gear. anybody have any thoughts on that?

shell 06-19-2011 01:29 PM

My dog rides in the Jeep all the time. When it's just me & her (she's a dachschund mix) she rides in the front seat harnessed in. When Dad is with us she rides in the back on her bed. I took the back seat out since it's just us 3. She rides in the back with no problems, but she is almost 16 years old and is not a hyper dog. I have seen many other people post about their bigger dogs in the Jeep without any problems. I think most of them do harness them in and some use the nets. It just depends on the pet parents and the dogs.

lono100 06-19-2011 05:43 PM

ive done a little more reading on the 2007 unlimited saharas and two complaints seem to pop up. roof leaks during heavy rain, and an electrical problem that will shut down all of the instruments in the dash and sometimes stall the jeep out. anyone run into any of these problems? has chrysler offered any type of recall/repair on either of these issues? any input would be greatly appreciated.

jkjeeper06 06-19-2011 06:00 PM

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The leaking roof you have read about isn't based on the year. It can be due to 2 things:either the top isn't perfect from the factory, or if you aren't gentle with it and either bend or rip it. I have an 08 2 door and mine has never leaked. My friend has an 07 and his has also never leaked so it'll really be dependent on the jeep. Just have the dealer spray it with a hose while you are in it and see if it leaks. If it doesn't leak now, be gentle and it shouldn't leak. I have a 70lb Labrador and she loves the jeep. I like her in the front so that there is a door holding her in but if your dog is riding in the way back, you might want to look some cargo netting just for extra assurance for your dog. But if your dog doesn't mind the bed of your truck then it'll love a jeep

seadog 06-19-2011 06:29 PM

We have a small mixed breed dog, who just realized that the back of the JK is hers (no seat). She has a shorter leash, that I attach to my seatbelt. Allows her to wander the entire back, without jumping out. Her first topless ride was comical. So used to having a car around her. She stands on her rear legs, with her front paws on the back of the front seats.

"Did you smell that?"

JeeperJake 06-19-2011 06:41 PM

lono100: you're inviting a long winded narrative about what IS pleasing about a Wrangler that overrides what ISN'T pleasing.

Here's my response:
Six months ago I bought 08 Sahara 2 dr JK with 15000 miles on it. I had been shopping hard for about a year learning options, various used values, etc.

Had decided on JKU (4 dr) in Rescue Green with certain options. Couldn't find a decent dealer deal, new JKs were less money with 0 miles and full warranty. Almost spent $28k on exactly what I wanted....until finally at last moment, this JK pops into my world....and is NEARLY exactly what I wanted...cream puff, $21000 delivered by private party.

Has the 24G options. Even the Natural Green/Khaki works well for me, and Auto w/3.73 non-slip diff is essential. I tallied mpg closely first 6000 miles and averaged overall 22.5 mpg...although I live rural and have mostly rural driving needs.

Have both tops, but only the freedom top has even been on it. We've had nearly record-wet rain year, and it has not leaked a drop.

The only 'mods' I've installed are upgraded head and fog lights as the stock ones are pathetic.

Factory extended warranty to replace gas tank surging...caused they say, by ethanol rotting the 'in line surge protector' . The fix did the job and was no charge. They had a couple other 'technical service bulletins' that didn't affect my rig.

Power and passing are mentioned by some. Frankly I've been driving a 345 hp pickup for the last 6 years and don't see much difference.

Handling/ride is another area some mention. Other than to agree the DNA link is unmistakable, that my beloved Wrangler rides like a hobby horse and handles like a lawn tractor, is actually an improvement over my usual long-wheel based pickups I've favored over the past 40 years. Parking and maneuvering in traffic is outstanding.

The JK represents a steady improvement in the basic Jeep design, as I grew up driving a 1945 CJ2 extensively during high school in the JFK administration. That was a basic go-anywhere rig that while it seldom actually broke down, always required some kind of wrenching to keep it moving better. Comfort was not part of the design parameters.

I was overjoyed to find the modern JK to be far more capable in all trail and off road use I've exposed it to so far. And such as coil springs, gas shocks, disc brakes, air conditioning and a vast array of other upgrades, increase my enjoyment more every time I drive it.

Although if I had a large dog I probably would choose a JKU for more room with all that camping gear.

Edit: "what is PLEASING?" Everything
"What is not pleasing?" That I didn't get a JK years ago.

seadog 06-19-2011 06:48 PM


Originally Posted by JeeperJake (Post 1317052)
Edit: "what is PLEASING?" Everything
"What is not pleasing?" That I didn't get a JK years ago.

Exactly. Couldn't say it better myself. :thumb:

lono100 06-20-2011 04:37 AM

thanks for all the great info everyone, we are all phsyched up to get our jeep even more after reading the posts, we are def. leaning toward a 4 door now. so nobody here has run into this electrical problem ive read a bout? we arent too concerned with ride comfort, we understand its a jeep and if we wanted a slick ride, we would get a sedan, but we really want an activity vehicle. if there are any other problems or things i should be aware of when we make the purchase, please let me know. the tip about getting the dealer to spray the roof with a hose is a must now, thanks again everyone!

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