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wmj 06-22-2011 10:40 AM

'Death Wobble' '06 Wrangler
My 06 TJ sport has had bouts with death wobble from day 2.... well, really 30K 40K miles. unfortunately I drive my jeep continually, since I couldn't/can't keep running F250's/350's (I know Fords, sorry but have sold them!) to project sites, work meetings and bars. So, now with 165K miles the DW bouts are too frequent to manage the vehicle. I did read some great posts from more knowledgeable jeep riders/mechanics here, particularly this good one from yuccaman.
Yucca-Man: Death Wobble
However, I've changed the front end, looked most everywhere (I think) and now guess I better change the tires. They are old, but did take a balance. Hate to spend the 800/1000 if the overworked TJ still demands that I stop the vehicle every 5 minutes, say on rt 91 with a Canadian Trucker (Vancouver fan) behind me, even after changing tires! Anyone find some more hidden reason(s) for this syndrome? bushing? frame creep? cheap gas, lipstick case in tranny, raccoon nests??? Any thoughts? thx. Wm

jkp 06-22-2011 03:52 PM

Mine was the result of a wear pattern on the front tires. Happened at approx 50 MPH.

Rotated them to the rear, and it went away.

Shelby427 06-22-2011 04:19 PM

Yep ours actually started AFTER I had the tires rotated and balanced.
Nearly new looking Wranglers, and both on the front now are out of round, balanced, but out of round.

New BFG Mud Trackers coming soon.

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