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lbc 06-22-2011 08:11 PM

A/C Low Pressure Switch - does it have an o-ring?
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The A/C refrigerant on my 1994 Wrangler Sahara (4.0L) leaked out of a rusty condenser. I replaced the condenser, accumulator/drier, and all the system's o-rings. But when it comes time to thread the low pressure switch back onto the drier, I noticed it has no seal. Is it supposed to? Did I lose it?

Under the pressure switch is a handy schrader valve which lets you change the switch without venting the system. Both are metal thread interfaces; I have a hard time believing a metal to metal seal would be sufficient. Can anyone verify if there should be an o-ring here? If so it must be custom, none in my generic kit are small enough!

Attached is a pic of the inside of the switch. The rod opens the schrader valve.

Thank you very much!

1994 Wrangler Sahara 4.0L

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