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caps gonna go, or be on for a trip to come off at arrival. its only nice when you wanna keep something out of the weather. i much prefer the look without it.

so its running great, since i had time to burn at work, while the head was at the machine shop getting a valve job, i cleaned up the engine bay, removed some emissions, painted the head and the valve cover, painted the exhaust manifold w/ header paint black , and cleaned the intake and painted the part numbers and stuff red like the valve cover. the pics don't due justice. the engine looks way too nice for the truck right now

the o2 sensor fell apart so i plugged it temporarily, not a good idea, they won't stay running without it, new sensor in and it runs like a top.

new water pump, motor mounts, fixed exhaust manifold, valve job/head gasket, t stat, 02 sensor, and tuned up. total cost to me $528

96 xj sport 2" bb 31's
91 mj 4.0 4x4 d44
87 yj frame off (crazy red head)
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