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Old 07-09-2011, 12:55 AM
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Browsed this Forum and it seemed real cool and alot if info. So I joined

Today I bought a 1998 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4.0 6cyls 5spd it might have a 1" lift. But basically stock. 113,000 miles and in good shape it passed Maryland State Inspection today. I have owned a cj5 and cj7 when I was in my 20's. I am a Service Manager for a Mitsubshi Dealer. I'll be 50 in October. Don;t laugh you'll be 50 one day! The TJ is going to be my everyday driver. 2.3mile lol. I want to lift it 4". Put 33x12.50x15 tires on. Regear the rears (309's now). Lock the rear. No major four wheeling but I hunt and have 30 acres behind my house...so it will get used.....But I have some questions of course...

1) whats the deal with the vibrations from the lift? The kit I am looking at has a transfere casedrop..Does that help with vibrations? Or will I still need a transfere case kit and driveshaft?
2) whats the correct back spacing for 15x8's using 33x12:50x15 ?
3) what gears? I like 3:73's
4) air/electric/or auto locker?
5) what is the best thing to use on the top to make it last? It has a new one on it already.
6) Do I need front swaybar disconnects? I'm not goinging rock crawling but I may do a trail or two or three...

Thanks for any and all help

P.S. Guess I got that Jeep thing and now I will have to remove the bumper sticker on my Chevy:

"I got that Jeep thing and it burns like hell."

or does it mean your wallet burns??????

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Welcome to the addiction!
Let's see... I'll take number 5 and 6.
5) Wash it properly. Also, when putting it on after a long time in storage, leave it outside or in the garage for a day or two to actually loosen up the top, this will prevent future rips and tears (Yes, this actually works). Also, if you have a soft top, I suggest never locking the doors, and of course take everything valuable out of it. A thief going through your door is better than cutting your $500 top when he doesn't have to (don't they see the zippers?!).
6) Depends on the trail... are we talking little trail roads or roads made for offroading? It sure helps out, but not always needed depending on the road.

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Welcome to WF & there are plenty of mature aged members on here
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Welcome to the obsession.
Just Empty Every Pocket
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At my age I am not afraid to say I am now mostly a Mall Crawler, but a lot of times I have the muddiest Mall Crawler around. You can curse a Mall Crawler but at least we don't own a Trailer Queen.
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Thank You Veterans

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Welcome to the Forum
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To All Of Our Forum Veterans and Active Service Members.
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Thank You


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Welcome to WF.
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Welcome to the Forum---Will try to help but my Jeep has OME lift and that is less than the 4" you are looking at. Running 31's really like my OME lift.

1. I would suggest-as I am planning on and was told to me-get 2-3" in suspension usually includes transfer case kit. get another 1'in body and MML and good to go. no need to change shaft.
I plan to do the other-MML and body-which will than allow me to run 33's no prob. And SUPPOSEDLY no issues with vibs.
2.I can't swear to it but think 3.5-4" bs is what you need- am sure someone will answer that one exactly-a lot of people run the cragar soft eights.
3.I was told by one of the more/most knowledgeable members here that if you plan on driving it on the highway at all to get the 4.56's- If running 33's. I have the 3.73's stock from fractory but when I go with the second half of lift/tires also plan on regear and locker--which brings up number 4.

4. I don't know for sure but am thinking my choice will be electric.
5. I just sold my factory soft top-may want to consider a combo or something like that for the summer months. Saves the regular top from use-but aside from that--the obvious-keep it clean, no harsh chemicals, would suggest Bestop care products, from experience.
6. Disco's are an option IMO but from the sounds of it not really needed for your type of use. Kinda like the locker may not really be needed but nice to have.

Good Luck and happy wheelin'
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Old 07-09-2011, 06:59 PM
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So much different info...too much to comprehend..My minds on overload and my wallets on empty...lol Appreciate the help for sure. I'm considering a 3" lift now and a 1" body lift. Still not sure about gears yet. My bud bought a auto lock and loves it. He plows with a cherokee. Mt driveway is a bit off the road and we get snow!!! So I'm probably gonna opt for auto locker.

In the old days...79-80ish we used close up tooth past for the top windows and the gleemed.

Thanks Les
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Welcome! I would look at just getting an auto locker up front for what you have in mind. IMO.
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Old 07-09-2011, 10:08 PM
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Never thought about the auto locker up front...whats the advantage?
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Welcome to the group and age has little to do with being infected with the jeep bug, I turned 62 this year and have hade jeeps for the last 40 years, and plan to keep one untill i cant drive. as far as gears and lockers go most jeeps on 33's seem to do real well with 4.56 gearing and to go larger than 35's 4.88 is about the best you can do as the dana 30 front that is the deepest gear they make unless you go to a 44 or 60 than there are a lot of choices. as far as lockers go i have not found anything better than a full detroit in the rear and have been real impressed with the OX locker in the front, the wifes yj has the detroit true track, and as soon as one front gets light or on something slick it will just spin, where the ox you have a choice if it is locked or in limited slip, seems to work well in the snow and ice leave it unlocked and for the most part you can still steer, the detroit in the rear will push the front some and you will loose some of the turning radius, but over all about the best i have found.
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Old 07-10-2011, 11:10 PM
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Thats some great advise thanks!
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Like i said i have been wheeling sence the mid 60's and for the last 25 years i have owned a jeep repair and fabrication shop, and i have seen just about every combination that you can think of, but for the money it is real hard to go wrong with a full detroit in the rear, if you have the dana 35 than i would do the super 35 kit, it will provide you with a stronger axle shaft and the locker, but you will still have the c-clip, the other option is to go to a explorer 97 up 8.8 still c-clip but stronger disk brakes, same bolt pattern. if yours is a dana 44 in the rear it is a good solid rear not much need to rework just add a locker and gears. for the front the 30 in the front is actualy not a bad rearend, i still run mine on 39.5's granted it has a few upgrades, tubes sleaved, knuckles reinforced, 30 spline cromemolly shafts, ox locker, hydro assist steering, and axle tube seals. but enjoy the jeep it is a part of history dating back to WW1. and still going strong.
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Welcome to the site.
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Originally Posted by jcf View Post
Welcome to WF & there are plenty of mature aged members on here
I'll be 52 in October and I bought mine 4 years ago! My wife admitted this weekend that this was one of the best things I had purchased in the 30 years we have been married. She quickly added not the most economical but one that has truly provided lots of satisfaction. She refused to repeat that on tape but I finally got it out of her!

If I had just 1 choice it would be to go up to 4.56 gears. With 33s and 3.73s it really requires a downshift on decent hills.

And dkdavenport : I grew up in Fayetteville/Hope Mills area!
98 Sport Red 5spd
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Old 07-11-2011, 10:59 PM
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Wife already stole my jeep....lol I have a 5 year old son and a 7 yo daughter..they are move excited than me. Future 4 wheelers of America. But I am hooked.
Thanks Les
oh 4:56's it is gonna be!
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Well Tarheel, All i can say is Greetings from Your old Home, Maybe we will see you on the trail sometime.
My wife i ended up have to build her one of her own so she would quit taking mine.
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-ARB safari snorkel & more
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Old 07-28-2011, 11:54 PM
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Well I bought a Zone 4" Lift kit. So far so good. I was really torn but really budgeted low..lol The rear is almost done 2 hrs later. Lots of rusty bolts but its a jeep....right? Pretty impressed with quality and the directions are right on. Still working on finding some rears and have not purchased tires yet. Was waiting to see what else I had to buy. Gonna do transfere case and rear drive after lifts on.
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I know people that love body lifts. But my advice is to just get a 2.5" suspesion shock lift with 1.5" spacers. That way you wont have to worry about all the small things that have to be done with a body lift. But thats just my personal opinion. Welcome to the forum! cheers!

2005 Patriot Blue TJ - Current love.
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gears , lift , locker , vibration

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