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Old 08-06-2015, 06:49 PM
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Got the finger from a Prius

I consider this ditty amusing, not to be taken too seriously.

I was driving in my doorless, windowless but bikini'd TJ in the left lane of a major 4-lane metropolitan street. The line of cars ahead of me was slowing down to a stop, and I noticed the car behind me (a Prius) was approaching fast. The car eventually slammed on the brakes and avoided hitting me. The car then moved to the right lane and passed me.

Upon passing me, she gave me the finger through her side window. I figured she wasn't watching and assumed I decided to randomly stop in the middle of the road. Oh well. Then I notice the "coexist" bumper sticker on her Prius, and it got me thinking.

So a quarter mile down the road I happened to pull up next to her. Wow, oh what providence that was. I cheerfully waved (with my full hand, not just one finger) and called out "Coexist! Coexist!" Maybe she'd change her countenance and go full-blown huggy on me.

Nope, I got the finger again. Half deserved, but this gal was obviously predisposed to exercising her finger.

So, what's the moral and lesson of the story?

You know how there are Jeep memes posed with Prius cars? I don't sense animosity by those, but amused by our chosen modes of transportation. However, does anyone sense that Prius drivers have animosity towards jeepers? Are there anti-jeep Prius memes?

I know good folks who have a Prius, so I know it's not an entire class thing, but there's always a sub-class of folks who have the attitudes. This was one example.

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Thanks to Prius owners, we have more gas for our Jeeps!


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Adventures? Yes, we have them from time to time. Follow along if you like on my wife and I's blog: JeepingWithDogs. (Everybody has one right?)

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I've found most prius drivers are the smug fart smelling self righteous assholes as depicted in South Park. Hey I didn't write that episode.
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I got the finger from a Prius driver not long after I got my TJ. Couldn't believe it. We were driving up a hill in a 50 zone but she was doing maybe...maybe 35. She pulled to the right lane and gave me the full extension when I passed. Laughed my @$$ off.
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My sentiments on "green" cars
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You've got it all wrong. She was letting you know that Jeeps were #1.
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^ +1
You're number 1!
This message is composed of recycled electrons. None of these electrons has been harmed or injured in the creation and transmission of this message but they have been shamelessly exploited for this use.

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That one hit it...

My son likes to go wheeling with me, he is 17, if I said hey Park wanna go get some good gas mileage, I would miss the time with him.

Originally Posted by Knuckledragger5 View Post
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Tell me again how disposing of a couple hundred pounds of batteries, when they eventually go bad, is actually good for the environment?
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There are reports out that state the carbon foot print of a prius is larger than a Jeep due to the batteries. My dad owns a prius but refuses to read them. I just smile.
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That's something to be proud of, PhotoTrail!
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Originally Posted by Knuckledragger5 View Post
“We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come from getting something that we don’t have, it comes from recognizing and appreciating what we do have.
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In my area, Prius's are everywhere. They are like multiplying maggots. Just when you get rid of one, another one pulls out in front of you. And, Prius owners think that they are "so special".
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I've come across a number of snobby Prius drivers for sure, but they're not all bad. A friend of mine has one and she loves it, she's not out there pretending that she's better than anyone else, she just drives a lot and loves the fuel economy.

Hate the Prius drivers that park in the fast lane not even going the speed limit. Get over yourself and stop being a d-bag. Ahhhh!
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If a Prius driver gave me the finger I would probably pi$$ myself I'd be laughing so hard, especially one with a coexist sticker. What a self-righteous douche! If it ever happens to me, once I stop cackling, I'll probably start moving over like I'm going to side swipe them and force them off the road where they aren't able to go.
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I got the finger today from a smart car... Normally I would give them on back, but I couldn't help but just laugh.
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For a while there I got caught up in the whole "save fuel, save the world" debacle. I have an '06 Prius and a '12 Leaf, they now serve as my camouflage for more "liberal" environments such as downtown Salt Lake. They are also excellent parts-getters for the '88 YJ that will be replacing them when it needs some TLC and can't go get them itself!
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If someone wants to drive a Prius to save on gas I'm all for it, I often ride my motorcycle because it gets better mileage than my Jeep, but I agree with you guy about a lot of them acting high and mighty thinking they are saving the world when they really aren't.
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I drive Papa Smurf

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I've got both and the Prius is just about cost savings... I drive 30k miles a year out of my own pocket, and it's not rocket science to calculate the cost savings. Plus, with 140k on the clock I just put tires on it for the 2nd time and it has never been in for a repair. Yea, I put wiper blades on it...

Now, any time I can choose what to take??? Always the Jeep.
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Originally Posted by cb919er View Post
If someone wants to drive a Prius to save on gas I'm all for it, I often ride my motorcycle because it gets better mileage than my Jeep, but I agree with you guy about a lot of them acting high and mighty thinking they are saving the world when they really aren't.
Yup, I agree. Except when I want better mileage I drive the JK instead of the YJ. Funny how that bigger V-6 and 6 speed manual in a heavier vehicle gets better mileage (20) than the 2.5L/5 speed (17), isn't it?
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I have no problem with people saving gas....but it's not for me. I'm a car guy and honestly, I don't give a rat's ass about saving gas. I like power and cool cars.

My weekend cruiser is a resto-modded 72 Z/28. It has a modified 454 with aluminum heads, a custom grind roller cam, and puts out just over 550HP. I run all that power through a 3" exhaust. When I fire it up in my garage, my whole neighborhood hears it. The sound of my lopey cam through that 3" exhaust is like music to my ears. It just sounds absolutely nasty and screams horrible gas mileage. But guess what? I don't give a crap. When I pull into a gas station, I usually get 2-3 people that ask about the car or give me a thumb's up. Same goes for driving down the road or taking my family out for ice cream on a Saturday night.

The experiences and people I've met over the years because of my car are worth for more to me than saving a few $'s on gas.
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Originally Posted by jeepers29 View Post
There are reports out that state the carbon foot print of a prius is larger than a Jeep due to the batteries. My dad owns a prius but refuses to read them. I just smile.
That's an urban legend perpetuated by morons.

There have been peer-reviewed studies done to see how the environmental cost of hybrids compare to gas engine cars, and the findings indicate that hybrids take slightly more energy to create than their gas counterparts (that is, a Prius takes more energy to make than a Camry...this says nothing about Jeeps or Hummers), but the short and long term benefits greatly overcome any energy difference in production, including to end of life.

Now I'm no greenie by any means, after all, I drive a 15mpg lifted Jeep. But facts are facts, let's not act like the ignorant idiots that we're making ourselves look like by continuing to perpetuate biased urban legend as the gospel truth.
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