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Old 05-16-2015, 01:24 AM
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Preparation for Interior Bed Liner

Hey everyone,

I'm interested in getting the interior of my JK professionally bedlined with Bullet Liner, and would greatly appreciate feedback from any of you that may have done this before. I have done what research I can, and I think I have a pretty good grasp at what needs to happen, but I find that the amount of information out there regarding interior bed lining is somewhat lacking. Maybe that's just me totally over-thinking the process, but as this is a permanent (and rather expensive) mod, I really want to make sure I am hitting all the bases before I get this done and end up wishing that I had done more research.

Just as a quick FYI, Bullet Liner is about 1/4" thick and looks like your typical textured bed liner. This particular job will include lining the entire tub and the roll bars. The seats, wiring harnesses and the center console will need to be taken out in order to do this. The whole process takes an afternoon.

To date:

I've removed all the fabric and foam from the roll bars. I've taken out all the carpets and plastic paneling from the interior. I have removed the two rear seatbelts and all the paneling, the sound bar and the sun visors up front. At this point, the interior is basically stripped down to nothing but the front/rear seats, the dash/center console and the wiring harnesses.

Things to do before I bring it in:

- (Possibly) Fill in the holes in the tub directly behind the driver and passenger seat with foam and then weld a steel plate over top of each one. Currently the holes are half way filled with foam (Came this way from factory and is normal) and are open to the elements. They look like crap and my thoughts on this are, well....why not cover them up? I don't plan on putting the carpets back in, and they're currently just an eye-sore.
Your thoughts?

- Scrape off the heat/sound barrier linings underneath the rear seat and on the driver and passenger floors. I want to do this because over the last year this hard foam coating has become slightly deformed and has started to chip off through daily contact with ice/boots/whatever. I figure I may as well remove it all entirely. I haven't started yet (Interested in hearing your thoughts before I begin,) but I think this can be done fairly easily with a screwdriver or a scraper.

On the day-of (Before arrival at the shop):

- Remove the soft top entirely. The less I bring to the shop the better.

- Loosen the wiring harnesses and try to recover the plastic connections. I assume that the plastic connections and christmas trees that secure these harnesses to the tub will be damaged and/or ruined when they remove the wiring harnesses in prep for the bed lining. I also assume that the local jeep dealership, if not the local hardware store, will have fresh supply of these in stock.

At the shop:

- They will completely remove the wiring harnesses.

- They will remove front and rear seats and disconnect them from the airbag sensors.

- They will sand the interior to help the liner stick.

- Supposedly they will tape off all the important holes/connections so as to not cover them with liner.

Questions I have not been able to find the answers to:

- Exactly how far up should I go with the bed lining? Is there anywhere in particular that I shouldn't put it?

- As the bed lining is about 1/4" thick, will it interfere with the movement of any hinges or doors? What about the seal of the soft top? Re-installation of the seats or seatbelts? (To be clear I'm not going to be putting it on any hinges or any surface on the exterior of the Jeep but perhaps there's something I'm not thinking of.)

- What, if any, screws/bolts/holes should not be covered?

- Is there any specific order that the wiring harnesses/seats or any other connections have to be removed/replaced that they guys at the shop may not be aware of? Last thing I need is the Jeep refusing to start because the airbag sensor or the computer has been screwed up. (I do recall reading that the battery should be disconnected before attempting to remove the seats or the wiring harnesses but can someone clarify this?)

I think that's it for now. Please forgive the wall of text. You have my appreciation for taking the time to read this, and any advice whatsoever would be very appreciated.

Thanks again,

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I did my tub with Raptor Liner and so far love it. Only cost me $125 to do it too. I disconnected the battery before pulling the seats out, not sure if it's needed but did it just to be safe. You say your liner is 1/4" thick, so I'd be careful about where you put it. Under seat mounts, door jams and on the rail where the hardtop/soft top rests might cause some issues?? To remove the heat/sound barrier, I used a 1000w heat gun - very easy. The christmas trees at the dealer will cost you BIG money, as in crazy money. Buy them from amazon. If you buy a tool for the job, about $6, you can probably save all the trees and reuse them. Plus, this tool makes removal so much easier.

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Old 05-17-2015, 02:23 AM
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Thanks for the reply!

I removed the heat/sound barriers yesterday afternoon after reading that you used a heat gun to do it. It didn't take me long. It's sticky stuff and it feels a lot like tar or roof shingles when it's warmed up and ready to be taken off. Very similar stickiness and consistency.

I didn't have a heat gun lying around so I had to get creative. At first I thought of using my girlfriend's blow dryer to heat it up. That probably would have worked, but I couldn't find it.

Then I figured that maybe the sun alone was strong enough to warm it up. Turns out it was. I took the soft top off and let the rear barrier (underneath the rear seats which were taken out,) bake in the sun for a little while. I was then able to use a flathead screwdriver and a hammer and lightly chissle it off. It came up quite easily in large patches. There are light scratches on the steel of the tub from the chiselling, but it's not a problem as it will all be sanded down eventually and will be covered in liner.

For the barriers on the floor of the driver and passenger side, I had to try something different. I managed to get about half of each one up a la sun power as previously mentioned, but the other half was hidden in the shade. I turned on the heat full blast and let the Jeep run for about 10 minutes. Worked like a charm, and the remainder of both barriers peeled off just as easily as the stuff in the rear.

Today I also filled in the holes behind the driver and passenger seats with foam. There was overflow on one of the holes as I ended up putting wayyy too much in there, but I cut it off and sanded down the surrounding area. Looks decent. Soon I am going to see about welding steel plates over those holes. Unfortunately welding is not a skill that I have, so I'll have to take it to a shop to get it done.

I think I'm going to keep updating this thread as I continue to work/prep the Jeep for the liner, for both my own amusement and to help out anyone that may have similar questions in the future. I'll also try to include some pictures with the work that I'm doing or have already done.

I'm still interested in replies from anyone else that's done this. Lots of questions to be answered still. Thanks for your time and good luck
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