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Mredd90 08-03-2012 01:21 AM

Buying 93 YJ
M lookin t a 93 YJ with 120,000 miles with 9k winch soft and hard top and matching doors interior is a 8.5 and has smutty built bumpers. Is this thing worth $6500 thT the owner is asking for?

n2trucking 08-03-2012 02:47 AM

the jeep alone isn't worth that unless its absolutely in perfect shape and even then not really. That price is for all the other stuff and really in actual blue book value that price is way to high. but if you want it bad enough and if you have the cash then go for it but i would try to offer less before you just give them $6500. really what is the jeep worth to you!!?

AND make sure what kind of shape the jeep is really in!! RUST, KNOCKING ENGINE, BAD BALL JOINTS OR AXLES OR DRIVESHAFTS, NOISY TRANSMISSION. Test drive and you should have a good mechanic look at it or yourself(if you know what your doing)!!

some service records would help if they have any. carfax helps also


I bought a 1990 wrangler with 184k on it and spent $3000(talked them down from $4000) and at 187k the damn thing spun a rod bearing. the jeep didn't make any noise and inspected well before i bought it so i went for it. Oh well cause i wanted the 4.2 engine and the body and frame is in excellent shape and i can rebuild engines myself so i wasen't worried about it. But thats what i can do. CAN YOU? its a risk and to me 6500 is to much.


Bcoffin79 08-03-2012 03:42 PM

Yea...agree seems a lil high.....I picked up my 92 yj couple months ago for $2000 and 183000 on it.

camarozz 08-03-2012 04:09 PM

It all depends on your area, and what you think its worth as well; we can only offer guidelines of sort, and what we have seen/paid in the past.

I know of several in my local area that seem as nice as the one you list, yet the owners still own them at $6500. Depending on what you find out for maintenance and/or upgrades will help in determining the value, but I would think a jeep like you describe could be worth $4-$6k.

Make an offer if its the one youve been looking for, start low and see where it goes. Depending on how bad he wants to get rid of it he will negotiate at least some. That and make sure you have someone else look it over very good, preferably someone with Jeep experience or at least a good mechanic; someone you trust.

YJ325i 08-03-2012 10:13 PM

do you have pix, that's high for a YJ

Mredd90 08-03-2012 10:33 PM

I offered the guy 3k for it but I don't kno if he'll take it. I'm goin to look at it, and in the chance somethin was to mess up I could fix it myself. But thanks for all the tips I'm kinda new to the whole jeep world. I'm just usin it I go I te lake in and go hunting in an kinda use in place of my diesel truck.

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