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banjotx 04-07-2018 03:55 PM

First oil change and wrong oil filter
Have driven this '90 YJ since last July, about 1500 miles.
When first purchased, the P.O. said he had just changed the oil and by the looks on the dip stick it appeared so. Also the air filter looked brand new. So today seemed like a good time to changed oil using Valvoline 10-30 Conventional and had previously bought 2 oil filters, a Microgard and a Napa Gold 1626. The old filter was a Microgard with different number. Everything went well till I try to spin on the new NAPA filter and way loose. Looking at the new filter and old filter, they appear to be the same. First thought maybe the NAPA had bad threads or some how damaged, so next try the Microgard with similar part number and it's also way too loose and will not draw up tight.
Off to O'Reilly's and the young lad looks up the 1990 YJ and verifies that I already have the correct filters, so scratching my head a bit, I have him look up a 1995 YJ, 2.5L and sure enough the oil filter has a different part number.
Bought 2 '95 YJ oil filters and good to go. I told the young man at O'Reilly's, I was putting a Gold Star by his name for the day. :iamhappy:

I had forgot about this 1990 YJ that has a 1995 motor, but sure didn't think the oil filters would be different. Now I know to ask for 1995 motor parts when needing.

agalloch07 04-07-2018 04:33 PM

Early jeeps used a 20x1.5mm filter thread after 91 they went to a 3/4-16. The 3/4-16 thread makes it easier to find oversized filters like the Wix 51515. You can change out the older 20x1.5mm threads for 3/4-16 with a new oil filter adapter nut thing

banjotx 04-07-2018 04:53 PM

thanks for that info on adapter nut. Might be able to use the other two filters at some time with a adapter nut.

agalloch07 04-07-2018 06:30 PM

i wouldn't bother, keep the 3/4-16 threads and run a Wix 51515 they are high capacity and the number is easy to remember lol

ZombiePopper 04-13-2018 10:24 AM

I swapped my filter adapter fitting so I have a larger filter and slightly more oil capacity. I had to swap my adapter anyway since it was stripped.

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