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mrgordy1965 04-15-2018 11:10 AM

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It's was Friday, we finally got a spring like day in NJ and I was off duty. I bought my YJ in September and got her on the road in October, after I completed interior detailing, bodywork and paint. The one thing that drove me nuts, was that my spice denim roll bar padded covers wouldn't come clean and the top portion of my half doors were badly sun faded. Replacing them was an option, but aftermarket prices start at $130 and OEM prices start at $450 and I really didn't want to tackle dismantling my roll bars. Cutting to the chase, I decided to go the DIY route. I bought 3 cans of SEM Color Coat Plastic & Vinyl 15173 Camel ($36), 10x20 plastic drop cloth and a roll of masking tape ($2). I unbolted the seatbelt harnesses from the bars, cleaned the surface of the padded covers, allowed the padded covers 20-30 minutes to dry, I then propped the doors open, then applied masking tape around the exposed bar at the ends of padded cover and doors, draped the plastic drop cloth over the entire Jeep, cut slits in the plastic where required to expose the padded covers and top portion on the doors, then masked out the plastic leaving the Jeep covered and only padded covers and top portion of the doors exposed and painted them. The paint dries to the touch within 5 minutes, I removed all the plastic and tape, and moved the Jeep into the sun to let fully dry. The entire project took 2 hours from start to finish. I am very pleased with the end result. Here are some before and after pictures.

JerseyGator 04-15-2018 11:25 AM

Looks great! Where in Jersey?

Krangler87 04-15-2018 11:52 AM

Wow! That pops! Any further plans, seat(s), dash, etc.?

mrgordy1965 04-15-2018 01:47 PM

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@JerseyGator , Ewing Twp. @Krangler87 , I removed and painted the dash and Centra Pod mounted on the floor. Next warm day I'm going to try this leather/vinyl trick I saw on Youtube. I'm trying to keep the stock seats, but this does work to my satisfaction. I will explore new seats.

Jarhead Al 04-15-2018 01:54 PM

Looks good. Your color scheme is the same as mine, white, spice and black.

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