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jb87fam 07-10-2018 03:56 PM

Lift options
First off thanks to everyone for the great information in this forum I look forward to my jeep build and I hope to contribute some good information in this forum as well.

1st off my 87 YJ is mostly stock. The engine is a 4.2L with a 5 speed ( not sure on the transfer case) but it seems to be original equipment and the axles are stock. The only upgrades is a 2.5" lift with 31" tires and that was done before I bought it.

I want to build a rig that I can take off road and camp with but nothing so extreme that I cannot drive it to work when I want to.

My future build does include a V8/automatic, upgraded axles, and a lift. For now the drivetrain is great and there's nothing wrong other than its stock but that's ok for now.

Currently I have some minor things to repair on the jeep such as the rear cross member and the body mounts (updating with a 1" poly bushing).

I'm thinking that my next step is to look at the suspension. With so many options out there I'm hoping to get some of your thoughts as to what you guys/gals would do. I've researched new spring under lifts, SOAs, and even putting a link type suspension under my 87.

RichnSteph 07-10-2018 07:42 PM

If the springs aren't bent or anything then wheel it like it is. If the spring bushings are missing or worn out (mine are) then replace those. Take a look at the U bolts also. The very first thing I learned when I bought this Jeep a few months ago is that it's really really easy to throw a couple of paychecks into it for goodies. In my case I'm keeping it as close to stock as I can and just replacing worn out parts one or two at a time.


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