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Tonydz 10-06-2019 01:12 AM

Stalls after cold start
I have a '13 JKU. For a few years now it's been doing this odd thing after a cold start and seems to be getting worse. It only happens in the winter and the symptoms are very consistent, but so far no one I've talked with has any ideas.

Jeep will start up and runs fine with no issues. I can idle for as long as I want without problem. Then, when I shift into reverse, the RPM's bog down to 100-200 rpm's and the engine stalls. Happens 1-2 times and then runs fine after that.

It only happens on a cold start typically after sitting overnight. It used to only happen on a very cold ~25F day but now it seems to start happening even in the in the 40's. Seems to be more likely to happen when shifting into reverse than Drive (auto)

I had the trans flushed and filled and no change. Also it shows no codes.

Any ideas?

Nomadlife 10-06-2019 09:14 AM

I've never experienced that in my Jeep but did have a similar unresolved issue in my brothers Hyundai santa Fe. His would do it almost every time you started it unless you let it warm up all the way first. I suspected it was a vacuum issue tied to the "choke" or idle control but never had a chance to dig into it to confirm. Hopefully someone else has a little better suggestion and let us know if you figure it out

2011 JKU. NBTX

Ghost JK 10-06-2019 09:22 AM

Does it only do it in reverse? If you shift to Drive, does it stay running? There's a thread on here somewhere about Jeep dies in reverse, I think it turned out to be the torque converter.

Edit: Here's the thread

Tonydz 10-07-2019 10:29 PM

Thanks Ghost.. that sounds exactly like my problem. I'm long out of warranty so probably out of luck on getting it paid for. :(

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