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vmxwinn 10-10-2019 09:56 PM

Want to add a rear window wiper and defroster?
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I have an after market, Rally Top, hard top. It fits perfect and is nicely made.

But this last spring, just the right elements came into play, and the rear glass just shattered own its own. So now that I am replacing the glass I thought I would get the replacement glass to add the rear wiper and defroster.

So has anybody added the wiper and defroster to a non equipped YJ. Besides the wiring what is needed? Looking for all and any insight.

And for reference here is a couple pictures of top.

Luckymac 10-10-2019 10:49 PM

The basic harness should already be under the dash. I suggest you contact the Jeep salvage yard in Antelope CA. I don't remember the name offhand, but if you Google "salvage yard Antelope CA" the name should pop up. It's something like "J&W auto builders".
They should have everything you'll need. They won't be cheap but they're not crazy expensive either.

You have over 15 posts so you can advertise in the Wrangler Forum wanted classifieds. The parts you're looking for shouldn't be real expensive to ship.
You'll need the switches for the wiper/washer and a rear window washer reservoir. You'll also need the harness from the dash to the connector at the rear tailgate and the harness inside the topper from the connector by the tailgate latch to the wiper motor and defroster grid.
The glass should have the grid for the defroster, but you might need the struts that hold the glass up to be the type with the grounding connections.

Unless your topper is already wired for the harness, installing that might prove to be a challenge.
Keep us posted on how it goes for you.

Good luck, L.M.

agalloch07 10-10-2019 11:05 PM

factory glass with provisions for wiper motor will not fit that top. I would sell the top and buy a OEM top with a wiper already in it.

vmxwinn 10-11-2019 12:26 AM

I believe they, Rally Tops, use the same glass panel as a TJ on their tops.

Gottagofast 10-11-2019 12:05 PM

What did rally top say when you called their customer service line?
800 664 8677

vmxwinn 10-13-2019 12:17 AM

They, Rally Top, said that it is indeed oem TJ glass. So it seems that I just need to find an OEM YJ hard top wiring harness and TJ wiper motor assembly.

Then need to figure out and make up a wiring harness from the tub to the wiper motor and defroster.

So any pictures and schematics of the tub wiring would be very helpful.

ZombiePopper 11-19-2019 03:25 PM

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Not sure if these will help? But this is my defrost wiring, switches, etc.
Someone correct me if Iím wrong; but I was thinking the rear wiper wiring was routed with the rear defrost wiring (obviously different circuits). I also recall my rear wiper being next to my defrost button on the panel.

Luckymac 11-19-2019 06:25 PM

Find a post by Got it at last. In his signature there's a free link to several Factory Service manuals and a couple Factory Parts Manuals.
Open that link and click on the manual that you need.

The schematic for the rear defrost/wiper should be in the schematic section of the Electrical Troubleshooting section.
When adding or extending a circuit, I try to use the same color and gauge wire as the factory used. For instance the power to the defroster grid is a 14 gauge brown wire that has a tracer stripe. It's unlikely a guy can find a spool of brown wire with a tracer stripe, so if I couldn't buy a harness from a salvage yard, I'd simply make my own harness with a plain brown power wire and a 12 gauge black ground wire. A 14 gauge black ground wire may work well, but if you have a defroster grid, a wiper and interior light all functioning at the same time, I think it's smart to do what the factory engineers designed.

Another thing I'd do is look how a Jeep factory setup is done. That's going to be the easiest and simplest design. You may need to buy struts that have the grounds as part of the assembly. You'll have to create your own ground for whatever harness you use. The taillight ground is behind a plastic shield, up behind the drivers side (left side) rear wheel. On most vehicles I've ever worked on a black wire is the ground wire for any circuit.

If you buy a used harness ans switches, you'll still have to wire the topper. The wires on a factory hard top run between the inner and outer shells. I'd simply find an adhesive conduit in a hardware store or an online electrical website. Grainger might have something you can adapt to your purpose.

If I remember correctly, Quadratec has factory style glass for YJ hard tops. I would expect they have hard top glass for TJs also.

In post #3, agalloch07 suggests buying a stock Jeep factory hardtop and selling your old hard top to someone that isn't interested in a defrost & wiper. Once you calculate the cost of a defroster glass, two grounding glass struts, a wiper motor assembly and the brain damage of connecting it all, you may find that selling your topper without a glass and buying a stock topper to be pretty attractive.
In either case, you'll still have to buy a set of switches and buy or make a harness from the dash to the rear of the Jeep. A factory top will already have the plug. It may or may not mate up with a harness you buy, but it's more likely to mate than not mate.

You'll probably want to buy a dual pump windshield washer reservoir too, plus enough hose to run from under the hood to the fitting on the factory topper. Trying to fit a washer to the Rally Top may be complicated.

Keep us posted on how it goes for you. Other posters may be in the same situation and what you do may help them.

Good Luck, L.M.

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