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MLaborde 02-19-2011 11:49 PM

Low oil pressure when warm was the...
sending unit. Thank goodness! I put on a new one today and, while it still drops at idle, it doesn't even drop to 20. Oddly enough, it runs at a little over 50 under power where it was running a little over 40 before.

Is it possible that this unit just moved both the low mark and the high mark a little higher? Anyway, at least I'm not as worried anymore.

Now, I need some more advice:

My first run after replacing the sending unit I got some hesitation under acceleration and 2 skips from the engine. My 75 year old neighbor that I was giving a ride heard it too. I had already driven 100 miles today without it doing that before than. Could changing out the oil sending unit have caused that.

Also, the Jeep seems to respond immediately when I turn the steering wheel and feels tight in a curve but seems to want to wiggle side to side while I'm driving straight. That is the feeling I felt the other morning when I was bitching on here about it feeling like I was driving in a really strong crosswind. Ideas, anyone?

Now, if the mechanic can just get rid of the scraping noise from the rear when he replaces the clutch Monday and find out why it sounds like a Volkswagen when I accelerate, I'll be happy. I'm gonna ask him to check the front end too.

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