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TJ Kidd 10-11-2014 09:35 AM

Shifted out of 4lo going a little too fast
98 tj 4.0 5spd 191,200 miles

Alright, so last night I was going down a light trail just for fun. I never used 4lo before and I wanted to try it. So I stopped and pulled it into 4lo, then drove a little bit. Not thinking, I shifted out of it while going about 10mph. I'm used to 4hi and did it out of habit. But anyway, there was a clunk and grind, kinda like the sound my manual transmission makes when it kicks out of gear. Now when I'm in 2hi there's a funny sound coming from the transfer case or transmission area. Sounds like something is spinning but rubbing against metal. It's loudest in 1st and 2nd gear, but kinda quiets down as I go faster. It gets loud again when I'm decelerating with out the clutch depressed, and once I push down on the clutch it's completely quiet.
My transmission has been toast since I got the jeep and we're buying a used one with 65,000 miles on it Monday.

Just wondering, could I have damaged the transfer case?

TJ Kidd 10-11-2014 03:12 PM

4hi and 4lo still work, I can shift to them easily and now there is a screeching sound? I think it's just the transmission. Considering the only good gear left is 5th, we pushed this damaged transmission far enough. It's far beyond rebuilding. We'll replace it and see if it still makes the sound

Shark_13 10-11-2014 03:17 PM

If you know there is tranny issues, could be that? Have you checked the fluid in the transfer case?

TJ Kidd 10-11-2014 03:21 PM

No I haven't checked the fluid. I'm not going to be driving it till we replace the transmission Monday. I'll check the fluid if the noise persists

TJ Kidd 10-11-2014 03:26 PM


Cole Man 10-11-2014 03:43 PM

Should check the fluid either way just for pesce of mind

freeskier 10-11-2014 06:47 PM

If you're replacing the transmission you have to remove the transfer case anyway, takes maybe 15 minutes from there to crack it open and take a look at things. At 191k miles I would seriously consider rebuilding the t-case either way since you're in there...

Digger84 10-11-2014 07:23 PM

In 4 hi or 4 lo is it front driveshaft output locked to rear (you may have broken the chain)

To check put in 4 hi set park brake an jack up front wheel off ground ( both front wheel if front Diffy is not open)

Now try to turn front driveshaft by hand if you can you chain is not intact or the case is not in 4wd as in 4wd the front output cannot spin unless the rear output spins

TJ Kidd 10-15-2014 03:30 PM

Front driveshaft cannot be turned by hand when in 4hi. I can turn it easily in 2hi

Digger84 10-15-2014 06:53 PM

Then transfer case chain is intact

When you spin front driveshaft does it make noise like chain dragging on chase try in each direction of rotation as it chains where chain slack is located

TJ Kidd 10-15-2014 09:22 PM

Nope. No noise or anything. I'm seriously thinking it's the transmission but we'll find out soon. We'll check the transfer case once we start to replace the transmission

redcorn64 10-15-2014 09:30 PM

It could be the linkage to the t-case. Mine would hop in and out of 4 lo because the linkage was out of adjustment

TJ Kidd 10-20-2014 11:27 AM

Transfer case fluid was clean. Had a little less than 2 quarts of oil in it. I'll let yall know if the noise persists with the new transmission. Right now we're waiting for a 2 dollar clip and that's really keeps us from finishing up.

TJ Kidd 10-20-2014 11:26 PM

Oh, and we put a gallon of mopar ATF 3 in the transfer case

TJ Kidd 10-25-2014 08:56 PM

It was the transmission. New one shifts like a dream

TJ Kidd 10-27-2014 06:04 PM

Alright, I've got a new problem. The transfer case handle might be out of adjustment. However, first I need to know how many places the transfer case shifts to? I understand there is 2hi, 4hi, N, then 4lo. When I shift the transfer case manually by hand underneath the jeep, it only clunks into three different spots. Should it clunk into a certain spot for N or is that in between the "clunks"?

I'd appreciate it if anyone could check for me

Digger84 10-27-2014 07:57 PM

Distinct indent click for neutral too

TJ Kidd 10-28-2014 09:24 AM

Alright. My 4wd light never worked before we switched transmissions. Now, the 4wd light comes on and off. It usually stays off till I go 50mph for an extended period of time. However, sitting here waiting for my next class to start, I noticed it coming on and off again, with out the engine running.

What's up with that?

Power is only going to the rear wheels. I jacked up the driver side and put it in gear and only the rear wheels would spin. I have open differentials.

Also I can actually see it flickering from time to time.

Digger84 10-28-2014 01:22 PM

If actually in 4 hi or 4 low and one driveshaft spins without other spinning your transfer case is broken most likely chain

TJ Kidd 10-28-2014 06:46 PM

Don't see why the chain would cause the 4wd light in the dash to come on. But 4wd works, 2wd works. As it turns out, there was water in the switch. We power washed the transmission and transfer case before we put it back in so that explains a lot.. Heh heh..

Digger84 10-28-2014 07:02 PM

Only if you reverse your claim that in 4wd no power to front wheels I guess you just did not mean what you wrote

Unfortunately all we have to go on is what you post

TJ Kidd 10-28-2014 11:31 PM


Originally Posted by Digger84 (Post 14357985)
Only if you reverse your claim that in 4wd no power to front wheels I guess you just did not mean what you wrote Unfortunately all we have to go on is what you post

I never said I was in 4wd. But then again, I never said what gear the transfer case was in at all. I meant the 4wd light was on while I was in 2wd. The reason I jacked it up was to make sure that it was actually in 2wd.

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