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Black JK with 35x12.5x20
1993 yj 27,000 original miles
2012 Rubicon, Call of Duty MW3
The summer mountain toy.
Just showing off my girl😌
Got my Yj a couple years ago. It wasn't in the best of shape. No lights, no speedo, no blinkers, flat tires and a little 4 cyl that had been neglected for who knows how long. Since then I have spent countless hours repairing and replacing all the little things that eventually need repaired on an...
2005 Jeep LJ Build Update
New Paramount rear bumper installed on my 2015 JK
Since then I've rebuilt the engine, engine bay, replaced the ECM (Electronic Control Module), transmission, header, front & rear Differential rings, pinions & bearings, shocks, starter, power steering gear, clutch cable, Upgrades: 62mm throttle body, banjo ('98 up) air intake manifold, BSD...
Just my big blue
Jeep was looking great after hitting some muddy trails and climbs in Santa Clarita's OHV area, Rowher Flats.
2005 Rocky Mountain Edition TJ
Interior Revamp + Stereo Upgrade
Bought used with 96,000 miles. Very clean and not abused. Have had a few small issues but nothing drastic. All mods were purchased from fb marketplace lol, even my lift. Only thing i bought new were the tires.
2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport JK, Dreamcatcher on hood with Arrow on hood
2016 75Th anniversary edition
Rock Lobster 4 Door JKU Sport
New to the forum. Finishing up some upgrades on my Overlander build.
Lots of modifications on the suspension engine is all stock .. 5 speed manual