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Stockity, stock-stock but only for another day or two...
I bought mine in June of '91, (traded my first vehicle, an awesome '78 International Scout II in on the jeep after I watched the original owner drive it into the dealership as a trade-in on a Geo Tracker! I wonder how that worked out for him?!) It had 34,000 miles and was in pretty great condition, as the orig. owner was in his 50's and never took it off road. It was a daily driver until 1997 when I took a sales job and was given a brand new '98 cherokee! I got married in 99, had 2 kids and a stay at home wife that loved to drive the jeep, but toasted the 4.2L 258 by driving it for about 30 miles without any coolant in it. Its sat mothballed since that July of 2003. (again, stay at home wife and 2 kids= never any money to fix my jeep!) After my divorce was final this February, and I paid her, the lawyers, and all the bills off, I decided it was time to do a litlle something for me... LET THE RESURRECTION BEGIN!!! My jeep is at a local JEEP shop, receiving a total internal makeover with an upgrade to a used 4.0L, an AX-15 tranny swap, and Rubicon transfer case. A lift will be next, with some bigger meats... and I'm smiling again :) :) :)
1988 Jeep Wrangler (Blue)


in it's first 23 years of life, I replaced the top twice and bought a bikini. It came with a "Bra" that died after many years of successfully preserving the paint under the bra beautifully! too bad the rest of the paint faded!! The only other mods were to add a 48"fiberglass whip CB antenna, and two fog lights to the front bumper... both of which were removed several years after being installed!


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