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Wrangler Sahara
Wheels 35 in tires new body seats rollcage winch
I got this rig from a friend that had rolled it twice while hunting, He asked if i was interested in it and i told him sure ill check it out. So i checked it out and long story short ended up trading my bass boat for it. So here it is at this point almost finished,lol ya right never finished...haha
1988 Jeep Wrangler Sahara (Black)


Under the hood is a little dissapointing right now, just the 4.2 straight six in her for now, i have a buddy that wrecked his cherokee and it has the 40ho in it, tranny is trash dont have 3rd or 4th gear its the pile of crap ba-10 peugeot thats getting changed to an AX-15 and the 231 t case is getting changed to the atlas 2.
besttop seats, (not the heated ones) still 300 bucks a piece, Black carpet soon to be rhinolined instead, painted the dash panels black and added a rollcage from poison spyder just the front half for now, gonna add more today actually. also painted black.
So far outside just a cheap rattlecan paint job, new windshield , took off front fender flares, right now its got a 4 in lift, with 32 in BFG mud terrains, have a set of 35s for it but i am gonna spring it over or do a coilover convertion, not sure yet. warn bumpers front and rear w gas can holders and swingaway tire carrier.
cupholders all around tuffy locking center console with radio box, no stereo or anything yet but i have two twelves and a box with a 1000 watt amp yet to be installed , gonna finish welding before i put all that jazz in though.
Suspention is stock springs with three in shackels and a 2 in body lift that it came with. all getting changed eventually when i win the lotto ;)
Wheel and Tire
Like I said earlier, right now shes rolling Mickey Thompson Classic wheels aith 32 in BFG Mud terrains but i have a set of 35 in BFG Mud terrains as soon as i spring it over and extend the brake lines fron quadratech.



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