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General Information

Wrangler Unlimited
Sahara, 6 Speed Manual, dual tops
Not much... Just picked it up Sept. 1, 2012 and its still pretty stock. Looking into mods though... It looks like I'll have to go to 35s with a 3" lift to hit the trails I want, but then want to do some suspension mods to keep handling as it is (or better!) while driving on the highway as it is and will be my daily driver. Or... Is there a good lift / wheel combo that will keep handling close to stock so I don't have to monkey around with the suspension? Anyone with any suggestions? All are much appreciated!
2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (Black)


None yet. Any recommendations for a manual shift eng.? What would you say are the most important? Cold air intake? If so, what brand... and what brand of snorkel do they mate up with well?
* A Bluetooth backup camera
* Some console storage for the back seat
* Cargo net in rear compartment
* Black and blue paracord grab handles in front and rear, rear pull straps in rear, and headrest grab handles
* Blue paracord Flashlight holder on roll bar
* Added LED lights to interior footwells, front and rear
* Painted all aluminum grey pieces (door grab handles, front grab bar, air vent rings) copper to go with the brown leather interior.
* Painted speaker covers in overhead sound bar copper.

Any recommendations?
* Plastidipped the wheels black
* Removed the Sahara silver bumper covers
* Pinstriped with blue
* Painted wheelwells blue
* Plastidipped the Jeep logo blue
* Painted the tow hooks, front and rear, blue
* Added a blue accent stripe across the hood
* Headlight, driving light, side marker light, and taillight protection
* Stubby antenna
* Drilled drainage hole in side mirror mounts
* Side marker light to turn signal mod
* Added 8 underbody LED lights
* Picked up a storage bag to roll the windows up in
* Blue paracord zipper pulls
* Dumped the dealer's tire cover for a "Jeep" one
* Gas cap filler door
* Made my own grille with blue painted aluminum screen
* Gobi Stealth Safari Rack with blue paracord wrapping on the ladder steps

That's about it so far. Haven't had the time and cash to add the lift, suspension mods, and replace the front and rear bumpers yet, but they are on the To Do List.

Any other recommendations?
None yet beyond a 32Gb mini flash drive to increase tune selection. Any recommendations? I was looking at the Lockpic and backup camera, but heard it won't work with the 12 standard trans...
I don't plan on serious mudding or rock climbing so any off road will likely be sand, pastures, dirt roads, etc. Only minor rocking (that's how it starts, right? lol), likely. I will be doing some Jeep club trails and want to be able to hit a 6 or possible 7 rating. It is, mostly, a daily driver and I thought the height wouldn't be an issue for fields and beaches. HOWEVER, now that I've owned it a year and a half I find there are trails I'd like to hit and cannot without at least a small lift and larger than 33" tires (I think the stock ones I run are 32+ on 18" wheels).

I've got to keep expenditures to a minimum though. Ugh. Thoughts? Recommendations?
Wheel and Tire
Any recommendations? I disliked the stock rims with their grey aluminum look and Plastidipped them black, but want to get new black rims when I get new tires. I'll probably have to run these to at least 30k, then switch and upgrade... I'm thinking 35s. Need to keep it good in snow and for highway / in town handling but want to hit some off road trails, too.



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