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Wrangler X
Flame Red
Bought it back in February of 2008 right before Spring Break. My first jeep. The only thing it had were 31 in BFG ATs and some aftermarket rims.
2004 Jeep Wrangler X (Flame Red)


Under the hood I have a throttle body spacer and a airaid intake. Yes it's the 6 cylinder
Interior is basicaly the same.. Added a couple toggle swithces that control my lights/ dixie horn/ and my favorite....The Klein train horn
First I custom designed and made a front bumper with stinger, rocker gaurds with a step aswell as skid plate, and a high lift hood mount. I then took them down to CCC along with my stock fenders and had them all rhino lined with high gloss black. Then i purchased a CARR light bar and mounted 5 KC lights(which i painted to match the jeep) I the bought the KC side mounts for two more KC lights. Then a cuople stickers here and there..... For summer time i bought the tonneu cover and a bikin top.
Interior starts with the sound system. For the head unit i got the Keenwood KVT-512 touch screen with everything(DVD, Navigation, Bluetooth, XM, IPOD, etc) Then i replaced the front two speakers with the Alpine S's and the back two/and middle, with Memphis buillt in tweeters. An Alpine 600 4 channel powers those while the 1000 watt 2 channel powers my two CVR kickers. I have no back seat anymore.
It has a 2inch zone offroad body lift/ 4 inch skyjacker suspension/ 2.25 coil spacers for a stiffer ride.
Wheel and Tire
I've been through a lot of rims but finally decided to stick with the eagle alloy series 102. Want 18's but Out of all the tires i've had so far(cooper discover, bfg at, procomp extreme mud, boggers) these are like your driving on glass. Real smooth and they preform great.



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