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Wrangler x
dark grey
my jeeps history is almost a mystery. i did buy my jeep already built by someone else, granted they didn't take care of him, the way i feel one should, and i had to rebuild him. :) i love my jeep, we've explored some of the desert so far and some mud, did a little rock crawling, nothing crazy, (yet).
2002 Jeep Wrangler x (dark grey)


customized roll cage made by I believe TBT. front seats have been ripped out and replaced with corbeu racing bucket seats. the previous owner did these modifications. full interior sprayed with bed liner except the dash. back seat has now been taken out by me, due to rear bar I guess you'd call it. it was built in to support a 4 point harness and hold my hijack. very little room in the back for passengers.
I'm not 100%on what kind of paint it is on my jeep but its some form of a bed liner. which comes in handy here in the desert.
custom front and rear bumper.
9000LB warn winch, which I might have to replace the rope soon. will have more pics soon.
customized speaker box, nothing special, previous one was shot so I went out and made my own. still pretty cool.
I am still new to the jeep world but would not consider myself unacknowledged about it. what i know is it has a 3.5 in suspension lift and a 1 in body lift with a long arm kit on it. i don't know specific brands and what not but as soon as i do i will post here.
Wheel and Tire
15 inch rims with 33 BFG A/T



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