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Wrangler Unlimited Sport JK
Silver / Black
2.5" lift kit from Rock Krawler suspension a set of Pro Comp Extreme MT2 LT305/65R17'
Purchased New I just finished installing a 2.5" lift kit from Rock Krawler suspension and a set of Pro Comp Extreme MT2 LT305/65R17's on 2010 Wrangler Unlimited Sport and ran into the same issue as well as having the ESP system firing off when I went around left turns on the way to the alignment shop to correct my steering wheel as it was cocked to the right after the install. Then the ESP/BAS light came on effectively disabling the system. After getting the Alignment done the code would not clear even after the mechanic tried to reset / Recalibrate it using his code scanner. So I headed off to the local Jeep Dealership to get it reset. Fortunately they could not do it until the next day so I set an appointment and resolved to paying for 1 hrs mechanics time. The mechanic explained that the new jeeps have a pitch/yaw/speed sensors that takes steering wheel angle (sensor), tire speed(sensor), vehicle pitch/yaw(sensor) into consideration, performs a complex set of equations and then fires the ABS system in an attempt to compensate for and correct the apparent off center of gravity situation that it has interpreted. OK way to much electronics... Anyways on the way out of the Jeep dealer's driveway the sensor Reset / Relearned itself thus saving me that extra $70+ Dollars I would have spent there. No more problems since.
2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport JK (Silver / Black)


MAX TRAVEL PRO SYS 2.5IN 07-11 JK JK25MT-PRO Lift Kit $1529.99
2- Rock-Krawler EMULSION SHOCK 07-11 JK FRONT 2.5IN RRD02054 $399.98
2- Rock-Krawler EMULSION SHOCK 07-11 JK REAR 2.5IN RRD02055 $399.98
2- Rock-Krawler FRONT COIL SPRING CLIPS 07-11 JK RK02050 $20.99
Wheel and Tire
Pro Comp Series 51 Rock Crawler Xtreme 1-Piece Gloss Black Steel Wheels with 5x5 Bolt Pattern in 17x9 Size & 4.5 Backspacing
Set of Pro Comp Extreme MT2 LT305/65R17



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