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Wrangler TJ
Cool Vanilla
Bought from original owner. Hadn't ran for over a year, it was her college vehicle and she never wanted to part with it but just never drove it anymore (she put 170k miles on it). It was dead,no ignition and she did want to put any money into it so I bought it as is for $2000. My wife always wanted a Jeep so I wanted to get her one for her 40th. I still had a couple of years at that time to get it fixed up, and I thought it would be a great secret project for my 7yr old son and I to do together and surprise his mom. I could never figure out the ignition problem after replacing all the relays, the ignition module, battery, wires, etc. I had to take it to the dealership. Spent $350.00 but it now had life except it wouldn't start. I was told it was probably the fuel pump (another $300) so I picked it up, bought a tech manual, and fixed it. SHe was breathing and ran great actually. I replaced all the brakes, rotors, bearings. New exhaust from the header back. New sway bar links, and bushings. found factory upholstery and re-upped seats. Changed out the dash to tan, door panels. Had to paint airbag cover (those are hard to find). added stainless hinges, chrome tube bumpers new Cool Vanilla paint job. After making excuses to go to work on Saturdays and Sundays, I kept it at my work and later in a 10X20 storage building (thank god they let me work on it in there) My son and I broke down (he was having a hard time keeping it a secret after 18 months of working on it) so we gave it to her at Christmas, 7 months before her 40th...she cried.
1997 Jeep Wrangler TJ (Cool Vanilla)


Nuttin but tune up stuff
pulled out charcoal dash and replaced with Tan dash. Changed seat upholstery, carpet
Changed color from Stone White to Cool Vanilla. Stainless Steel hinges, chrome tube bumpers. New Tan Best Top



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