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AC count?
I need to read Forums before I start buying cars. It would have gone much different. Its a love hate relationship. Got the car 03 and was a daily driver, put on more lift than I should have and things went down hill from then on. I would fix one thing and two others would break. finally I had enough on the return home from a camping trip, no top rainy and cold all two hours home... your thinking that's not so bad but the straw that broke the camels back was at the beginning of my trip my wipers decided they had had enough. At this point in time it is 2007 and I had purchased a evolution 8 to DD. So I put the jeep in the garage a few months later emissions rolled around and I decided not to go. Well folks it is now almost summer of 2011 and i think it is about time that I put the top down and go explore once again! After two days of looking and reciting some very technical jeep terms I remember why I loved that car and never sold it. So the past month I have replaced the worn out lift, radiator, battery, fuel pump, sending unit, fuel lines, brake lines, calipers, hubs, axle seals, rewired the interior, painted the axles, replaced the exhaust, and numerous other things. AND SOON MY FRIEND she will see pavement once again.
1992 Jeep Wrangler (Red)


2.5 small, SYE,, Superior rear axles, Detroit Tru-Trac, Rtv on lots of sensitive equipment, ARB snorkel.
Jeep butt drivers seat and 2.5 working seat belts for now.
Wilderness Rack. Hi-lift jack, play day body cosmetics.
One disc CD and two poly speakers is all I need to keep my mind off the rattles and clicking.
3.5"BDS,1' shackle BDS, 3" body
Wheel and Tire
really heavy cheap black wheels, and Mickey Thompson 35" Baja Claw's


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