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S, 2.5L 4-cyl 5spd
I bought Moya last year from my boyfriend's family when he got his 04 TJ, Talyn. I learned how to drive a stick shift just so I could buy her. We're nerdy, and our Jeeps are named after ships from the sci-fi show Farscape. No big deal. Haha! Anyway, Moya is kind of expensive to maintain right now but I wouldn't trade her for anything. She's worth every penny I've spent...and even after the last repair, I'm still just under $3000 in including my purchase price. I think I'm doing pretty well with her. She doesn't really like living in MN, though. Moya came from CO, and the salt on the roads here makes her rust. :(
1992 Jeep Wrangler (Red)


Nothing here yet, either...but I have big plans. On a temporary basis, I have my front seat way padded so I can reach the pedals. I have seat covers on both front seats, and a matching steering wheel cover.

Carpet - I'm going to replace the gross original carpet with rubberized floor covering.

Seatbelts - I'm getting red seatbelts to match the car! The front ones are looking a little bleached and worn and are starting to fray in some places, so they're due to be replaced. The rear ones are seriously rusty. I think I would feel bad asking someone to buckle up with one right now. This winter was particularly rough on them.

Other plans - replace the broken sun visors. New seats (someday), new gauges, new center console!
Nothing yet, really. I washed and waxed her when I got her, so her paint is a nice shiny red. I have plans for her, though:

New soft top/hardware - VERY SOON. Her existing top is about 8 years old and it's starting to pull apart at the seams. The holes have been patched with duct tape and rubberized asphalt to get me through until I get money together for the new top. I am still trying to decide what kind of top to buy, but I do know that I'm getting a black top. I love the way it looks with the red paint.

Body work - Eventually. I need to get the mechanical stuff fixed first. I'll be looking at repairing or replacing the rusty panels and hinges and then adding some accents.

New paint job!! - Once all the body work is done, I'm getting her repainted. She will still be red, but I haven't decided what variation of red she will be.

Fun stuff - I really want a light bar, and a 3rd brake light. Someday, the black hood hardware will be replaced with more black hood hardware :) I would also love to get a bikini top/windjammer/duster combo. It's going to happen. There are just so many other things to do first.



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