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Jeep started out as basic as it comes.The only upgrade i had was the tow package and Infinity sound system.I knew from the get go that this Jeep is going to be wheeled.

First i thought i would add lift to it and put 33s and be done with it.Went wheelin with a few friends,joined a Jeep club then went wheelin some more and thats when the addiction started.

I started making notes of stuff i needed to improve and been modifying it since.One advice i can give to newbies is figure out what you want before modding.

I took the hard and expensive way when i started modding going from 2" to 4" of lift.I also went from 33s to 35s and now 37s.

Another beauty about this Jeep is i modified it all by myself with the exception of the lift.I have never owned a vehicle were i dont mind if i scratch or have a dent somewhere.

Its true when they say it a way of life.I have met many people some random who shares the same passion and it really is a good group of people to be around with.

Thanks for lookin and get your Jeep dirty!!
2008 Jeep Wrangler (Black)


Xenon Flat fenders
Olympic Rock sliders
Smitty SRC stubby front bumper
Smitty XRC bumper w/tire carrier
MileMarker 9500 winch w/ Viking synthetic line
KC lights
Skidrow evap skid
Skidrow oil and tranny skid
Raingler cargo net
Tom Woods front driveshaft
JKS adjustable tractbar
Rancho 4" Sport lift w/ shocks
Currie Anti rock
5.13 gears
Eaton selectable front locker
Sleeved and gusseted D30
Reinforced tractbar mount due to death wobble
Wheel and Tire
17" Level 8 Strike 5
37" Nitto Trail Grapplers



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