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Flat Black
Just bought it a few weeks ago saving it from a neglected life. Someone along the way dropped in a SBC 350 and TH350 which were mostly installed correctly, although it looks as though that is the end of the good work. The exhaust was hacked so no room for the front DS. Autozone 3" front shackles and 2" shackles bolted to the factory rear shackles. Leaks from every orifice and plenty of hidden rust in the frame and undercarriage. Broken seats, seized bolts, crappy wiring, and an oil change sticker from Napa Auto Parts.
1988 Jeep Wrangler (Flat Black)


SBC 350 which has led a tragic life. It had factory exhaust manifolds and hacked exhaust which have been traded out for Hedman shorties and Thrush welded mufflers. I think I have all the leaks fixed so once I get it rolling again I'll consult with some buds and get the cam and new carb.
Gutting all of the interior since everything was trash. New suspension seats came in the mail and mating them up to the factory brackets. Spray in bedliner for the inside of the tub along with inner fenders. Found me a Z-Gate shifter which is going into a custom center console. Tracking down all new digital gauges to fit the factory locations in the dash. After this is done I'll work on the roll cage and 5 point harnesses.
Not much yet. I'm getting rid of the rust, body filler, and major dents. I cut the front fenders to flatties which got rid of most of the front end damage. Going to fab my own tube kit and high line the fenders as soon as I get my tires. Full rear body armor with a cut tub should fix it up in the back.
My neighbor gave me an Alpine CD player so I just need to map out my audio and determine which amp I need. I'm thinking roll bar pods for some 6" mids and some wakeboard boat 6" pods for the rear fender wells.
RC 4" front and rear leafs with 1" greaseable shackles up front with 1" greaseable booms in the rear. HD tie rod and drag link with dropped pitman arm. Prothane bushings replacing everything. Lots of grinding, rust removal, priming and painting. Track arms are finally out thanks to an angle grinder and a handy torch. Removing the 7/8" double stacked nuts for the skid plate drop fixed the firewall contact with the distributor. Super short SYE and custom driveshaft fixed the vibrations.
Wheel and Tire
Right now it has some 33" Pro Comp X-MT's on 15x10 black wagon wheels. Im thinking 35" General Grabbers or Pit Bull Rockers on 15x10 beadlocks should do. Factory d30 and d35 so those will be getting swapped very shortly.



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