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Olive Drab
Sahara, L6 4.0 EFI engine, 4" suspension lift.
2001 - Bought Jeep in Ogden, Utah as a toy to take to Moab. 124,000 miles on the odometer.

2001, two weeks later - immediately had to replace the following:
* Slave Clutch Cylinder (it blew up on the way out of safety/emissions testing)
* Portions of Transfer Case Gearing
Put in bigger tires and new rims. Also added two fog lights.

2001, 2002 - went to Moab, had a blast. Amazed that nothing blew up. :)

2003 - squealing led to the discovery of entire brake assemblies needed replaced in the back (both sides). D/S front wheel bearing literally came apart when checking brakes there. Went through entire undercarriage and replaced bits as necessary (ball joints, all U-joints, rear main seal). Numerous good times in mountains, backcountry, and Bonneville Salt Flats (meanwhile, discovered that I can do 96mph safely in it with rock-crawling tires)

2004 - had to replace exhaust/intake manifold gaskets, welded exhaust header cracks, installed 4" suspension lift.

2005 - divorce turns toy into daily driver. Went through 2nd clutch slave cylinder while playing off-road. Steering column retention screws had wobbled out, had to re-tighten. Front windshield washer motor dies - re-routed tubes and wiring from rear washer pump to fix. Considered taking contracts out on design engineers' lives. >:(

2006: Radiator springs massive leak. Replaced it (ditching A/C condenser coil in the process - never used it anyway).

2007 - drove it to Oregon with Uhaul and new fiancee'. Promptly had to replace windshield wiper motor 2 weeks after arrival. Jeep begins refusing to start whenever it rained (which in Oregon is most of the time). Tracked/fixed various cracked wires.

2008 - forced to park Jeep when unable to find cause of failure to start. Medical troubles and intense hours at work prevents going near the beast.

2010 - drove it (After a battery jump) to new apartment - half the gauges didn't work, brakes felt ugly.

2011, Sept.: finally able to find time and cash to do something about this. Ordered wire harness kits, parts.

2011, Oct 1: Began nose-to-tail re-wire. Found (internally) half-melted fuse block on motor side of firewall. Noticed that years of playing around in and around *Salt* Lake City has done a number, rust-wise. Nothing structurally damaging, but will have to be attended to. Oh, also noticed 180,000 miles on the Odometer while removing and plugging the Speedometer into the new harness.

2011, Oct 8: Everything from firewall back done, save for two internal circuits (brake switch, radio).

2011, Oct 16: got headlights and front-end wiring done. Next stop, the engine/starter pile. FI/ECU/sensor wires checked good.

2011 Nov. 5-6: almost done with the wiring... got a couple wires left to sort out that the Painless kit doesn't explain, but fortunately the schematics in my Chilton's let me figure out most of them.

2012 Feb. 12: Well... I'm stuck: >:(
1991 Jeep Wrangler (Olive Drab)


new radiator, and went through two slave clutch cylinders (see above)
Removed carpeting (it began molding when I moved to Oregon). Removed back seat (ditto - while it was in storage - but I never used it anyway).
Welded on receiver hitch to back of frame, but never used for anything larger or heavier than a carrying shelf/rack.
Panasonic stereo - 40-second buffer allowed CDs to play smoothly even during the worst bounciness. The little remote control made it usable during those times as well.
4" ProComp 3000 suspension lift
Wheel and Tire
31" tires, custom aluminum wheels


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