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Wrangler TJ
Dark Green
Sahara Package
I am a new JEEP owner. I purchased this jeep about a year ago. I found that someone cut the plug for the hard top off during that year. I ordered a new plug and a new switch for my bezel just in case anything was wrong with that. We have checked everything with ohms meters from the point of the wiper switch to the plug in the back of the tub. We have found the link for the light in the hard top, and the plug was wired back on to spec. with the wiring diagram for a 97-02 harness. The problem we are having is that when the plug is checked there is low voltage from the pins that should be working the rear wiper and washer. The average voltage of pins 4 and 5 are 4.62-4.75 volts. The wiper motor runs on 12 volts. I was wondering if there were any 9 volt motors that were put out on jeep hard tops or if something is really bad wrong.
I know the windshield wiper has to have one ground, and two hot wires, one of which is fed through the switch at the bezel and one continuous hot for the parking of the wiper.
Does anyone have any help they can give me on this problem? So far, since discovering the issue, I have purchased a new switch for the bezel because we thought it might be shot, since it didn't do well on the test portion on the meter when removed. We installed the new switch in the bezel. Then we checked everything again. I ordered a new male and female plug set and it came with a wiring diagram. I followed the diagram and wired the plug onto the tub side. I have located the three wires that are needed for the windshield wiper and washer from my hard top, right along with the two for my lights and the defroster switch. Everything looked great, but when plugged together nothing works. I checked the voltage coming from my plug and it is low voltage, not even enough to make the windshield wiper work.
We have been fooling around with this for quite a while now and we are at a loss, if anyone can shead some light on this problem it would greatly be appreciated.
I don't know what year the top was manufactured, it has the wiper and the light in the rear overhead, but there is no defroster in the window, in the back there are a set of vents running vertical to allow the air to escape when the doors are shut, that is the only thing I know about the top.
Has anyone ran into this sort of problem before? If so, could you please write me and tell me how to fix this problem. I am a new jeep owner and also new to this forum, so I sincerely hope someone out there can help me with this. I have looked all over the net for suggestions, wiring diagrams and advice and found little to none. So, I joined here in hopes someone would be able to help me.
Thanks in advice,
New jeep owner, NW GA.
1999 Jeep Wrangler TJ (Dark Green)


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