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YJ 2.5 4cy 5 speed
3 1/2" leaf spring lift, lighting, 7" wide fender flairs.
I have spent the past 2 yrs doing a complete rebuild of this jeep. All body work and paint is complete as well as all new interior and full rebuild of all mechanicals except engine.
1995 Jeep YJ 2.5 4cy 5 speed (Red)


Engine is a stock 2.5 4cy that ran really good so all I did was replaced all sensors, plugs, wires, Radiator an cooling system and a cleaning. I rewired some components as needed. Detailed and painted engine.
Ah yes, the interior was a gut job to be sure. I stripped out EVERYTHING and scraped the tub to bare metal. Applied 2 coats of Por15 and 2 coats of rolled on Rhino liner to all flooring and tail gate inside. Replaced seats, risers, belts, dash, windshield all rubber gaskets and most all the plastic with new parts. All of the jeeps brackets, bolts, nuts, hinges etc. were either power coated or sprayed with black epoxy and cleared.
Replaced driver/side sheet metal and r/side fender along with hood new. Removed all parts and sanded to primer.
Removed all dents and imperfections an blocked out. Repainted with 2 part epoxy deep Red paint. Blacked out all parts not Red painted. I did some of the sanding and the inside Rhino work as well as R/R work. Body shop did the rest.
Never liked music in the car ??
My Car Entertainment is just driving this jeep and telling people NO its not a new jeep, it's 23 yrs old an cost 1/3 that of a new one to build.
I rebuilt the front and rear ends as needed. running gear, transmission, clutch, shifters, bearings and transfer case were all completely rebuilt. The front steering was scraped and replaced with all new parts as well as shocks and a 3 1/2" leaf-spring lift added. All braking system was rebuilt as new.
Wheel and Tire
31x10.5"x15 tires with 8.5" custom rims

Yes, the spare is a non matching rim. I ordered it and checked it out for fit. It was my 1st choice for rims but the off set was to far out but I really liked it so I kept it an used it as a spare.



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