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Wrangler X
I have wanted a Jeep Wrangler for many
years. Everytime i saw one that i really
liked on a car lot i took it for a test
drive. I must have taken 30 or 40 for test
drives. I have driven CJs, YJs, and TJs.
The day i bought this it was snowing alot,
I was tired of slippin and slidding with
my car. I had test driven this Wrangler
about 2 weeks earlier and decided to go
back and see if they still had it. To my
luck they still had it on the lot and i
bought it up. I am not new to 4 wheel
drives at all. My entire live i had 4X4
pickups, Ford and Chevrolets, Most of them
were lifted with large tires. I had alot
of fun with those pickups. But for the
last 8 years i had a car, which i never
did get comfortable in especially in the
winter. I wanted something that i was sure
i was able to get home and not stranded
somewhere. I do not have any plans to lift
my TJ or put large tires on it. I plan on
keeping it mostly stock. I no longer go
through every muddy field i see, or see
how much snow i can go through like i did
in my early days. This is my daily driver
and when i do want to go down a nice trail
or take it for some light off road duty i
have the capability to do so now. I have a
feeling I will be having this TJ for many
years to come.
2003 Jeep Wrangler X (White)


Engine: 4.0l
Transmission: 5 SPD M/T Nv3550
Transfer Case: Nv 231 Command-Trac
Front Axle: Dana 30
Rear Axle: Dana M35
Gear Ratio: 3.73
Suspension: Stock
Delta 150 series fog lights
Uniden Pro 510XL
Arizona RockyRoad radio mount
Wilson antenna.
Wheel and Tire
235/75R15 GoodYear Wrangler Silent Armor on 15X7.0 Aluminum "Ecco" Wheels



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