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General Information

Wrangler 4.0
4.0 High Output
Bought this 91 YJ in Feb of 2011 for $3700. Only had 87k miles on it. Came with a hard top, 32 inch BFG Mud Terrains, a 2 1/2 inch suspension lift and a 2 inch body lift. Has a smity built double tube front bumper/brush guard, matching nerf bars, and a swinging gate spare tire mount.

The old guy I bought it from got it from his son-in-law about 4 years back. The only thing he'd done to it was change the oil.

In the first two weeks of owning it I have given it a thorough tune up (replace spark plugs- so corroded it looks they could possibly be the original plugs- champion, new rotor and cap, new spark plug wires, new air filter, inspected all fluids, new serpentine belt, O2 sensor, and changed the transmission fluid to synchromesh), put on some pro comp 3100 shocks (while I figure out what kind of suspension I want to run) and ordered new greasable bushings for the shackles which will be here 3/9/11.

After sinking about $600 to do all that I just had the clutch (man I hope that's all it is) go out on me after only 2 weeks of owning it, and am considering whether to tackle that project myself or take it in to a buddy of mine who has been my go to mechanic.

Having 88k miles on it now I guess it was time for the clutch to go. Hoping to get the issue resolved and get back to keeping the projects on this thing on my schedule rather than the jeep's. =)
1991 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 (White)


Stock 4.0 6 cylinder.
Driver and passenger seats that require seat covers and a cheap speaker box with 2 blown out speakers where the back seat should be. Carpet's in decent condition.
Pretty clean except for one rust spot right below the driver's side door- only about 2 inches in diameter and hoping to catch it this summer before it gets any worse.
A busted old CB and an Alpine with blown speakers!
2 1/2" suspension lift (don't know what kind and neither did the guy I bought it from). 2" body lift.
Wheel and Tire
32" BFG Mud Terrains on some gloss black 15x8's.



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