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The Snowpocalypse
Silverstone Metallic
Bought off craigslist, all stock w/hard top and manual transmission. Am slowly repairing & building it up on my minimum wage budget.... it will be a very slow process. *sigh* Original owner did not disclose all of the Jeep's issues, so some came as a surprise later. Some issues were obvious when I inspected and test drove it.

So far have fixed the mechanical things the original owner neglected: brakes (paper-thin and highly warped), loose rear traction bar, new clutch, new radiator & hoses, new inner & outer shifter boots and bezel (originals broken), new battery, all fluids changed (always, just in case), U-joints, new tires (originals were bald), new oil cap (original seized & broke), grind out & repaint rusty floor boards because Jeep leaks bad (trying to find and fix the sources), new rear hatch struts, trying to find source of super angry tea kettle scream always after 3 miles of driving (edit: fixed), removed moldy and worn-bare carpet (investigating replacement options. Edit: went with BedRug's BedTread). Fog lights and radio head unit/speakers (powers on but no sound) don't function; haven't looked into these yet since I have more important issues to fix first. Engine had 225,xxx miles on it when I bought it, and seems to run strongly, other than the tea kettle squeal.

Goal is to eventually build this into a snow monster, because I love snow. Haha.


Rockknob shift knob! Best b-day present, ever. LOL. Homemade peddle extenders, because I'm 4'11". BedRug's BedTread. Bartact seat covers & paracord door handle pulls. CNC machined billet aluminum dash grab handle and HVAC control knobs. LED light upgrades to stock dash lights, dome light, and floor lighting. Paracord door limit straps (from Amazon).
New side mirrors and fender flares (both stock style, originals were weirdly white-grey with age), clear marker lights, Fishbone front winch bumper with built-in LED lights and matching rear bumper with tire carrier. Got a Warn winch now!
Baja Designs amber light bar in fog pattern, KC Hilites Flex Era 4 in spot/flood combo light pods, Baja Designs rear flood pods, SwitchPro for auxiliary lighting control. JW Speaker heated LED headlights.
Wheel and Tire
BF Goodrich K02, stock size for now. Really happy with these. Excellent winter performance.



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