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You might say the Tough Gal was a rescue,she belonged tomy father in law who just grew to hate her and was ready to turn her back in.Growing up in a town with trailing and mudding I just couldnt let that happen so I took on her payments and fell in love with the Tough Gal.We had some wildrides I must admit,she flopped to her right side in a mudhole one night,she ended up perfectly between 2 trees from a bankment slide another time wedged so bad had to inch by inch jockey her around to get free.She took out a street sign and a stop sign one summer day trying to avoid an inconsiderate driver who pulled out in front without ever looking.Yeah shes a good gal,takes a beaten while grinning.
1997 Jeep TJ (RED)


I bought some camo style fabric at th the craft store and made some custom dash layovers in certain spots.I painted the vents,the speaker grilles and the defroster vent red to match the exterior.I installed 2 purple 15 inch Street Glow tubes under the dash,and 2 green 15 inch Street Glow tubes over the wheelwells in the back.Ive also run a Street Fx bass reactor to a green Street Fx light strip in each of the speaker grilles as well as 2 purple Street Fx light pods and 2 green Street Fx light pods in the center heater vents to flash with the music in a great light show.There are also a set of nice black waterproof seatcovers from Bestop and a custom skull shifter knob cover I fashioned from a door knob cover halloween decoration.



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