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Wrangler Rubicon TJ
Patriot Blue
Full factory Rubicon Package plus many additional modifications.
Took it to Moab Utah about a week after purchase in an attempt to destroy it with just factory standard equipment, additional skids and a Warn winch. Couldn't do so even on the highest rated trails.
2003 JEEP Wrangler Rubicon TJ (Patriot Blue)


Mostly factory, some modifications, K&N Filter, I custom built massive relay and electronics add-ons and modifications to change some of the functionality of some OEM equipment and as well remove ALL parasitic loads other than the PCM from the battery unless the "genious" Jeep provided blank switch near the lockers and wipers in the console is switched on from the cab.
Fully Equipped with Amateur radios, CB, GPS and other on-board safety and communication systems. Dozens of Electrical modifications.
Warn Extra Clearance Bumper, Warn Winch, Extra front lighting, After Market rear bumper made for clearance and high tow (and "YANK") capability.
Factory with replacement Sub and replacement front dash panel speakers - big improvement, but nothing to write home about.
Stock for the most part, some mods; most not worth mentioning - inadequate from the factory. Extra Skid plates cover pretty much everything, but no belly-up kit as I cannot see readily raising a vehicle that would appear to already have a 2" built in body mount kit further...
Wheel and Tire
Factory - and not happy about it considering no one informed us of the defective original Goodyear MTX's that self destructed in 10,00 miles of the oddest wear pattern I will likely ever see in my life - looked like someone had used a cheese slicer and randomly cut the knobs off in all different directions - one could not scream and be hear in the thing. Naturally when a neighbor informed me they were recalled, it was too late. - Thanks Jeep/Goodyear... Those tires cost a fortune!


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