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  1. TJ Technical Discussion
    My 1997 TJ is pulling hard left on braking when I start driving. After that happens the ABS light comes on and all the pulling issues go away. It feels like only the left calipers are grabbing and i’m getting no brakes out of the front right side. The mechanic cannot find any issues with the...
  2. TJ General Discussion
    I bought my first Jeep from a family member several months ago and have been saving up to get a soft top for it. Now that I have some money saved I started shopping online and I have more questions than answers. Where's the best place online to shop? It has no brackets for the folding back top...
  3. TJ Technical Discussion
    Anybody around the southern Maryland area that would be able to help me with some broken upper rear shock bolts. Was putting a lift kit on and 3 of the 4 rear bolts broke. I would be willing to pay for some help.
  4. Classifieds Archive- move sold/expired ads here
    I have for sale my OEM front fenders both driver and passenger side in firecracker or flame red. I took these off to do flat flares with JCR inner fenders and i now want to sell them. They are in great condition. All they need is a bath and maybe a little touch up paint in a few spots. This...
  5. TJ General Discussion
    Hey yall, I just got my jeep a little over a week ago, its a 97, I'm trying to find some cheap DIY ideas to give my jeep a little personalization. ideas? thanks (:
  6. TJ General Discussion
    Hey Guys, I'm new to jeeps since I just got mine a few days ago,1997 TJ, and ive noticed when I have the top up and im riding down the road I keep hearing it flap, any solutions to fix this?
  7. TJ General Discussion
    Hi All, Thank you for all the wonderful information y'all post! Unfortunately, I'm still newbie enough that all the re-gear, tire size, axle info, etc is making my head swirl. Specs: 1997 TJ Wrangler 2.5L 4Cyl Auto 2in body lift 3 in suspension lift (may have the lift numbers backwards)...
  8. TJ Technical Discussion
    Can any on help me find a part for my 1997 TJ Wrangler. I have had a problem which seems to be coming from the ignition. My indicators and radio will turn off (total power failure). To fix it temporarily I can play with the ignition (turning the keys part back and forward a bit) until it powers...
  9. TJ Technical Discussion
    Ok, so the problem is that when I turn on the defroster it shuts off after about 1 second. I removed the kicker panel below the steering wheel and saw that both the panel mist and defroster L piece that goes into the hole in the panel were broken. I have both the pieces on order to be shipped...
  10. TJ General Discussion
    just got a '97 2.5..... Not a perfect Jeep, but good enough to drive 5 miles per day!! 3 issues that someone may be able to help with: 1.) tail lights ...... wiring seems fine after ripping it all out and inspecting... still have a issues with dimming on the driver side 2.) checked all vaccuum...
  11. 1997 Tj

    1997 TJ
  12. 1997 Tj

    1997 TJ
  13. 1997 Tj

    1997 TJ
  14. TJ General Discussion
    My wranglers transmission recently started slipping. It does not happen all of the time. It seems to happen when I first hit the gas and start going around 10-15 mph. It kicks out of gear and then after 5-15 seconds kicks back and then drives perfect. It does not matter if engine is hot or cold...
  15. TJ General Discussion
    I will do my best to explain my problem: I recently bought a rear replacement window for my 1997 TJ from a guy on craigslist. It was not until days later I tried to put it on my jeep and realized that it would not work because the the slider (the thing you move to make it zip) not attached to...
1-15 of 17 Results